Monday, February 10, 2014

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The Gift from Behind

by Reb Avichay Schaefer @ Mystical Paths

Parashat Ki Tisa possibly includes an indication of an incident in the life of our teacher Moshe Rabbeinu.

In Parashat Shemot we already learned that the daughter of Pharo gave him the name Moshe because "I drew him out of the water" ("ki min ha'mayim me'shitihu") - [Shemot 2:10].

In Parashat Ki Tisa we learn that Moshe Rabbeinu asked HaKodesh Baruch Hu (G-d) to see the divine Glory ("hareni na et k'vodecha") - [Shemot 33:18]. HaKodesh Baruch Hu (G-d)then explained: "You cannot have a vision of My Glory, a man cannot see ME and still exist" - [Shemoth 33:20]. But HaKodesh Baruch Hu (G-d)further explains: "When My Glory passes by, I will place you in a crevice in the mountain, protecting you with My hand until I pass by" - [Shemoth 33:22]. And: "I will then remove My protective hand, and you will have a vision of My Glory from behind" ("we'raita et achorai") - [Shemoth 33:23].

But where could we possibly see here a connection to the name of Moshe Rabbeinu? If one reads the name Moshe backwards, one reads HASH"M.

Not to misunderstand: It - chas we'Shalom (G-d forbid) - should NOT mean that any human being, even not the holiest of men, may somehow be compared with G-d!

But it might be a hint of this incident in life of Moshe Rabbeinu - as if to say: "Moshe - the man, who received the gift from G-d of having a vision of the divine Glory from behind".


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