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The End of the Modern World - 3

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Part 1 here.    -    Part 2 here.

“In 2025, politicians in much of the world began to realize they had a problem.  With schools now 40% empty, the leading question in first and second world nations was “where have the children gone?”

adhdBy 2012, boyhood “excesses”, where boys would challenge each other physically, be involved in physical activities and have outlets for aggressive tendencies were no longer socially acceptable in the West.  A solution was found for boys who would not remain passive by placing 20% of the boys at most schools on behavior curbing drug regimes.  These included heavy doses of stimulants and anti-psychotic medications for Attention Deficit Disorder (aka not paying attention even when bored), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (being a busy or antsy person who doesn’t sit quietly for extended periods of time), and Oppositional Defiance Disorder (saying no to authority figures). 

Research some years later determine that not only were the drugs eliciting the desired pacification effects, they were also physically modifying the brain structures of the children.  By 2014, parents failing to place unruly boys on medication were being reported to legal authorities for child neglect, and by 2020 the Boy Rehabilitation through Medication Act had passed, requiring the state to intervene and treat any boy suspected of unruly behavior.  By 2025, 50% of boys in school were medicated and playgrounds around the world quiet.

Having gotten the boys under control, men were no loss targeted.  Although female college enrollment exceeded male enrollment in 1980, programs to encourage female enrollment and participation continued to be funded, usually with funds drawn from programs popular with males.  By 2012 college enrollment ratios were 60% women versus 40% men, with the drive to fund women’s activities continuing to increase.  Even with men significantly disadvantaged since 2010, any area of college activity that didn’t have at least as many women involved was called discriminatory.  The converse, of course, was not true – areas that had more women involved were never discriminatory against men.

…to be continued.


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  2. It is not only what is known as “the misandry bubble” (and resultant climate where false accusations can be made against men on campuses with impunity arguably worse than in Yosef HaTzaddik’s time) in today’s society or the growing number of boys without any (bio) fatherly influence in their lives that are effectively turning colleges into convents, but also the increasing perception by many that college degrees (outside of the STEM fields) are virtually worthless.

    Why go into debt for a questionable degree (outside of STEM) that can never be paid back in one’s lifetime for a job that may not even exist by the time one’s completed their degree?

    Don’t forget that as colleges increasing become convents filled with useless degrees and as women go into more debt in order to gain degrees that the remaining men who entered higher-education or even those men who never went to college are going to find themselves footing the bill for their other half’s unpayable college / consumer debt in the event of divorce and separation.

    Also consider that as more women become breadwinners and as the pool of high-status eligible (read: rich) men decreases, divorces will continue to rise (especially in marriages that have stay-at-home-dads or dads with lower-paying jobs with women as breadwinners).

    Some women will even find themselves rejecting marriage if faced with the likely prospect of marrying down or if young/good-looking decide to embrace the growing Sugar Baby culture, where rich Sugar Daddies will financially / materially pamper a Sugar Baby's extravagant lifestyle, feeding their inner desire to be treated like a princess.

    While for those single / unmarried men (that never entered STEM) who’re able to find jobs have since come to appreciate the idea of living within one’s means and working only as much as to provide for one’s own comfortably minimalist needs compared to those men working hard to provide for their families.

  3. I have a solutoin for these men its called testasterone it a wonderfull thing


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