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The End of the Modern World - 2

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


Part 1 here.

“In 2025, politicians in much of the world began to realize they had a problem.  With schools now 40% empty, the leading question in first and second world nations was “where have the children gone?”

While Japan’s youth were checking out and going virtual and China had created a deeply embedded enforced cultural trait of one child families, the Western Nations were headed a different direction but ending with the same result.

People with same gender preferences were always represented in high numbers among the artistic professions.  With the continued loosening of societal morals from the 1960’s coupled with ongoing equality movements and the feminist movements, the same gender preference community decided it was time to press for “their rights”.  By the 1990’s, laws restricting same gender relationships and activities had long since been repealed.  But just as the racial and gender equality movements never seemed to end, even in areas where former ethnic minorities were now a majority or women having equal opportunities, the same gender movement was going to make sure the surrounding society not only treated them the same but actually embraced their relationship model and “diversity” as preferred.

Starting in the late 1990’s, Hollywood began injecting same gender preference characters into practically every television program.  By the early 2000’s, movies focusing on “the positives” of same gender relationships were presented as popular culture.  By 2010, same gender relationships were not only being presented as normal, they were exclusively presented as positive and stable, while normal binary gender relationships were presented as unstable.

All of this cultural injection paid off for the same gender community as laws granting them equal binary relationship rights as married mixed gender relationships were passed, validated, or automatically considered part of existing laws by courts and legislatures across the United States and most Western nations.  By the end of 2013, the same gender community had “won their rights”. 

Yet like the broken windows theory of crime, where an increase in broken windows and vandalism seems to release the inner criminal in many who would otherwise stay on the other side of the law, the success of the same gender preference movement unleashed anyone who had even the slightest unusual gender drives to “let go, be free, and not be defined by gender norms”.  The same gender community, normally 2-3% of average human societies, was now driving up to 15% of young people out of normal relationship patterns.  Constraints were removed, such that this segment of society even began defining new terminology to represented biologically unmodified males and females with normal opposite gender desires and relationships – defining the majority as the unusual.

While some of these people did form couples and fulfill a desire to have children, overcoming the obvious physical limitation while creating a series of legal and societal ones, the vast majority did not (at most only 1/31% of households with children).  This segment of society simply removed themselves from the reproductive stock of their countries.  While they were exercising their personal freedom, implementing that freedom without feeling any societal or cultural restraints helped to bring their countries into a demographic death spiral.

By 2025 the Western family court systems were officially recognizing up to 5 adults as having some parental, responsibility or relational role with a child.  One was the provider of the female genetic component, one the provider of the male genetic component, one the carrier and deliverer of the fetus, and up to two adults recognized as active custodial guardians for raising the child.  (Interestingly in all this confusion, a binary parental relationship was still recognized as necessary.)  Yet none of the providers were recognized by gender, and gender became an optional selection for the child – to be legally changed at will and physically changed up to the limitations of medical science.  Stories of “men” giving birth were being reported as early as 2008, with the legal niceties worked out by 2013.  By 2025 the “gender” of ones “bearer” was no longer even a point of teasing among children… where children could still be found.

While the gender flexibility movement was the most dramatic change in the West, it wasn’t the one with the largest impact.  That was reserved for the feminist movement, which by 2012 had successfully pushed and petitioned to have normal boyhood defined as abnormal if not outright criminal and normal male behaviors defined as harassment, culminating with stripping men of the ability to support a family.  Strangely as they succeeded more and more women began complaining about effeminate men, the inability to find sufficiently manly partners for marriage, and the inability to find an “upwards” man (one who could support them should the need arise or from a child raising choice).

…to be continued.


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