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The End of the Modern World - 1

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


In 2025, politicians in much of the world began to realize they had a problem.  With schools now 40% empty, the leading question in first and second world nations was “where have the children gone?”

Some nations were hit much harder than others, having been on the leading edge of the trend.  By 2010 sociological reports were already surfacing in Japan showing 35% of their young generation not only no longer intended to marry or have children, they were no longer even interested in meeting the opposite sex.  By 2025 Japan had already lost 25% of it’s population, and the kindergartens were 50% empty.

Other nations spotted the trend early and tried to affect the trend, but simply had little success.  Russia led the early assault on the problem, offering to pay women $10,000 for children after one.  While resulting in a short term increase in babies, six years later the Russian premier was desperately urging women to have 2 and even 3 children, yet the national birth rate remained significantly below replacement level as the population continued to fall.

In an amazingly short amount of the time, China, previously the worlds most populous country, forcefully changed their demographic trend by government mandate.  With their famous one child policy put in place in 1979, China stabilized it’s population by 2020.  Yet for China the population statistic dangerously hid the declining trend.  By 2014 their birth rate was already at 1.7, well below replacement level.  And due to selective abortions and a cultural preference for male children (especially in a one child family), the growing gender imbalance meant their would never be mates available for 10% of their young men – further plunging the birth rate.  While Chinese politicians actually began to spot the trend, resulting in the “relaxation of the one child policy” in January 2014, the cultural bias for one child families was firmly in place – the trend was fixed.

The United States had been an outlier to the trend.  Yet not because they were actually having more children, rather their schools were filling with the children of immigrants – both legal and illegal, as they continued to flow into the country to take advantage of the better economic situation.  The U.S. maintained a stable population trend through 2008, though the ethnic demographic changed dramatically as well as some less desirable parts of the country (parts of the Northeast and Midwest, most famously Detroit) seeing population decreases with more desirable parts (Florida and Texas) seeing population increases.  All of that changed with the beginning of the Great Recession at the end of 2008.  The immigrant inflow slowed as economic opportunities decreased, and by 2013 the young citizenry significantly decreased their marriage and child bearing rates.  The U.S. quickly moved from an outlier to joining the midst of the trend.

Older adults looked wistfully at the streets, remembering neighborhoods that used to be filled with children riding bicycles now silent of childhood noise.  Teachers were now being laid off even up to the university level, even tenured professors being released, as there simply were no warm bodies to fill the seats and pay the tuition. 

Yet in the midst of the silent crisis, many pundits continued to shout against having children – to avoid stressing the planets resources which would soon be unused in another generation anyway.  Others were happy for the parks to grow quiet and government resources to be focused on the elderly instead of on schools and daycare.  And the never ending campaign for abortion, “reproductive freedom” and “equal pay” (which reduced men’s ability to provide for a family and free their wives to be able to devote time to having children and family) didn’t pause for a moment.

Few realized that the lack of children meant the end of their culture, the end of their country, the end of modern civilization… and if such a collapse didn’t reverse the trend, the end of humanity itself.

Fortunately there was one first world country as well as a number of social pocket groups in the U.S. that were not following the trend.  Yet Western society reacted in both cases as if they were a social outcast and enemy, doing their best to force them into the cultural death spiral.

…to be continued.


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  2. The ideas behind the "Herbivore Men" or Grass-Eaters of Japan and East Asia have also spread out to much of the Western or Mechanized World under the banner of *MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way (with many men living a MGTOW life without even knowing what MGTOW is), which entails men swallowing the metaphorical “Red Pill” as it were and embracing their innate sacredness / self-interest / self-respect instead of remaining in the forever unappreciated disposable and self-sacrificing role they've played throughout history.

    Which should be seen in the context of how society whether secular or religious treats men in this day and age by offering increasingly little to no incentives or basic human rights (yet still burdened with responsibilities) compared to women who are now openly treated as a privileged class (with practically all the rights and privileges with none of the responsibility).

    There is nothing really unique about men going their own way as it can be described as a naturally occurring phenomenon that has appeared many times throughout history and is a symptom rather than the cause for the fall of many a civilization, most notably the ancient Romans and others.

    If possible, would like someone in the Jewish / Moshiach blogosphere to tackle the MGTOW movement whilst giving an honest assessment of how things stand today with regards to Men’s Issues as well as marriage / relationships along with the lack of incentives men have in protecting and maintaining a misandric civilization they no longer have any stake in.

    The following YouTube video "Six Reasons Why Men Are Avoiding Marriage" by one Dr Helen Smith ( gives some insight to the male perceptive though few people seem to recognize or acknowledge that men (whether secular or a religious baal bayit - are rather perceptive regarding relationships and marriage being too risky and costly to be worth pursuing.

    Though the following is my very limited conjecture, what one could be seeing in this pre-redemptive period (that many compare to either before or after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge) is possibly the real-time metaphorical human equivalent of Adam (after the expulsion from Gan Eden) separating from Eve for 130 years.

    *) MGTOW: Four Levels -
    *) Grieving Period / Cycle -


  4. Excellent post. Sultan Knish blog posted one similar to this a few years back, yet it did not address this exactly. It was take from the viewpoint of a young married couple on a commuter train in a socialist country (America) in a few years etc... no fun, happiness and all techno as the order of the day....less family,no individuality, too for the lives of those who live in that world etc..
    Jesterhead, call me crazy, yet I guess I am so old school that I have not seen personally the favorable female elements taking place. I can picture, though, that you must mean all of the welfare, other women with children aid and the like. Reproductive (Planned parenthood places and what they probably "offer" or brainwash etc...
    My husband works til he's beat as a drum and I keep the home fires going...I teach our children to respect both Ima and Aba's positions in life that they are beautiful and necessary and that we work in harmony together and that we are dbar echad....

  5. Leah

    Unfortunately the following 3 examples (along with info from my previous post) contribute to why many men nowadays are making a rational decision to walk away from the societal obligation to marry and have children (even if they wanted to be married and father children in better times or previous generations).

    - There is the fact that men lack any reproductive rights whatsoever, on the one hand they have no legal say in whether a woman (who claimed to be on the pill) decides to abort a baby or not, yet are still required to pay child support if she decides to keep it, it is also worth mentioning that over half of all pregnancies today are reported to be accidental e.g. “oops pregnancies” which is relevant to the subject in an age where contraceptives are widespread.

    - Then there is the fact that today, paternity fraud is rife with men even being required in an increasing number of cases to pay child support even if the baby is not biologically his via presumptive paternity laws with some countries such as France even making it illegal for men to attempt to find out if the children they’ll being raising for the next 20 + years (time that men will not be able to get back) are biologically theirs or not through paternity testing.

    - Additionally, there is the fact that nowadays the paying off of a woman’s consumer or college debt becomes the responsibility of the husband or boyfriend (if cohabiting for 2-3 + years) in the event that the marriage or relationship dissolves.

    Taken together with what men stand to lose in divorce should they marry and who could blame them?

    There is more one could mention though the above is not only a problem limited to just the secular world.

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  7. I love this video of the coming collapse of the middle class and think it is worth the hour to watch it. In it, Elizabeth Warren (a feminist) describes how the American woman in the 1950s going into the workforce eventually will lead to the collapse of the middle class and we are seeing that happen right now.

  8. Jesterhead,
    Hello. I hear you on the examples that you posted. Once, again, I am so old school that I had no clue of what you had posted. I will, however, say that I have thought, too that it is crazy that a man has no rights to the child that is his in his partner's womb. It is murder to kill, yes kill an unborn baby.
    I hear you on your examples, I am just glad that my husband and I are raising our children in a responsible way.
    Unfortunately there is a word (and an attitude) that is forgotten in all of this: commitment. It is a sad place where our world is sinking to.

  9. Leah

    It is indeed sad for many such as myself who once hoped to merit being happily married and fathering children, only to realise that in some ways our unmarried half-soul existence can be considered in this day and age for some a blessing rather than a curse.

    Whether from learning the experiences of what other men have gone through who've since either become men's rights activists or gone their own way, to later witnessing a friend of mine become a victim of a bitter divorce and harassed to this day by malicious texts / calls from his ex's sister with impunity.

    Though it is worth mentioning regarding my friend's case that I began to reconsider my views on marriage and relationships some 2-3 years before my friend's marriage detonated.

    The question I have is a matter of reconciling the reality of marriage / relationships in an anti-male society (with an increasing number of damaged and unmarriable women) where male virtue is used against men to the notion of men being obligated by Jewish law to marry and sire children.

    It is not a matter of simply telling men to "Man-Up" or whatever and employing other types of increasingly ineffective shaming language to drown out their legitimate concerns, since they now realise that they stand to lose a lot should their marriage or relationship not work out.


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