Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Palestinians–The Western Wall is OURS…

(The Blaze) The Palestinian Authority’s Religious Affairs Minister says there will be no peace agreement with Israel unless all territories Israel captured in 1967, including the Western Wall (the Kotel) – Judaism’s holiest site  (actually the Temple Mount is, but there’s a mosque sitting there at the moment so we won’t mention that, this is the outer wall of the Temple Mount) – are moved under the sovereignty of a future Palestinian state.

“Every centimeter that was occupied in 1967 is part of the Palestinian state, including the blessed Al Aqsa mosque, including the Buraq Wall,” Minister Mahmoud al-Habash told Israel’s Channel 10 News on Monday night, using the (recently made up in he last 10 years) Muslim name for the Western Wall.

Palestinian Authority Religious Affairs Minister Mahmoud al-Habash (Screenshot: Channel 10)

“There will not be peace without Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. There will not be peace without an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967. Every piece of land that Israel occupied in 1967 is Palestinian land that belongs to the state of Palestine,” Habash said.

Asked what about Jews who wish to pray at their holiest site, Habash said, “Welcome. Welcome. Without any problem, welcome. There will not be any limitations on freedom of worship. Worship is one thing, and politics are another.” (Quickly discounting the burning down of the Tomb of Joseph and murdering of the defenders, and attacks at the Tomb of Rachel within the past month.  “Yes yes,” he said, “any can worship… unless they are Jews, sorry, no Jews. But we are open to all religions worshipping… but not Jews, and not the Sunday people either.)

Emphasizing his point, Habash said that “without a doubt,” the site would be part of a Palestinian state.

Secretary of State John Kerry is spearheading negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that are currently focused on achieving a nonbinding framework agreement that outlines parameters for a final arrangement.  “The Palestinians want the document to note that Jerusalem is their intended future capital, while Netanyahu has refused any mention of Palestinian claims to the city at all,” the Times of Israel reported.

(Yes yes, we want peace with these people.  They are willing to compromise for peace… the compromise being they won’t try, too hard, to kill us Jews this week.

Are Kerry and Obama merely foolish, or are they out to destroy Israel and Judaism?)


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