Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Opportunity or Test?

by Gutman Locks

     It’s the end of a long day… it’s a little cold outside. Maybe I’ll go inside and sit in a warm place to wait for maariv? (Evening prayers) But you know… maybe someone’s coming, and I can help. I’ll wait a few more minutes.

Regarding my statement; “Everyone you meet is an opportunity”

Jose answered; “But also the other side of the coin, one is also being tested with every opportunity. Even me, right now as I write I am being tested. An opportunity can bring great merit, or can bring great calamity.
     There are types of individuals described in the literature that associating with them brings ruin and can have calamity followed by opportunity, if they just jump at “opportunity.” This does not mean NOT to take the opportunity but to do so carefully.
     One more thing, everyone gets tested in their own measure, so as not to fail.  But nothing can be done if one‘s sins out weight merits.
     Respectfully submitted.”

Gutman’s response: You are looking at things from a negative perspective. The Baal Shem taught that everyone and everything you meet come to teach you something. “Who is wise? He who learns from everyone.”[1]
     I suggest going even higher, and see that they all come to you for help.

[1] Pirkei Avot

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  1. This post has been included in the  Ki Tisa Havel Havelim, Losing Count edition.  Please visit, comment and share, thanks.


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