Thursday, February 27, 2014

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New Site Layout–Explained

Welcome to the new Mystical Paths site layout.  As you can see we’ve had a major overhaul of the site look.  What you may not see is this layout is “responsive”, meaning it changes depending on the width of the browser window and whether it’s being viewed on a computer, pad or phone.  It will even instantly adjust itself if you move your pad or phone from tall to wide view.

Major Changes:

- A header section describing the blog and some reading and access options. 

- Some sidebar stuff such as the Donation option and Legal Notices are up on a top menu.

- Default font size is larger with a more contrasting color scheme for easier reading on smaller devices.

- New articles present a summary with a READ MORE button.  Click the READ MORE or the article title to read the full article.

- Only the newest 15 articles are on the home page.  Below the last of the 15 is a NEXT PAGE button to read older articles.

- A full monthly article archive list is at the very bottom of the page under Blog Archive – Old Posts.

- IF you are on a narrow screen or pad / phone in tall (portrait) mode, the sidebar appears under the last article, and the bottom of the page options under that.

- Similarly the top ad bar disappears if there is not enough room.

We hope you enjoy the new format and look forward to your feedback.


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