Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Last Shabbat the Salad was Different

by Rebbitzen Rachel Wheeler @ Mystical Paths

Last  Shabbos the Salad had a different taste an organic "healthful" taste if you will .  For long time we only had dreams of the day that we will be able to afford organic fruits and vegetables either because we will not be concerned with the price, or prices will be so reasonable or we will have our own dream garden and orchard. None of these three things have happened as of yet.

What did happen was a change in our way of thinking - side by side with our moving to the Golan. We adopted the attitude that living naturally and healthier doesn't "need to be hard". We wanted to explore the paradigm that “organic products are more expensive and we  will be able to afford it when (one of the above will be fulfilled)…” we did find that for the most part the first element of the paradigm is true, BUT the second element of the paradigm is not necessarily true. There are so many items that are organic and not more expensive. It all depends on the season and where you look. If for example  a fresh beautiful organic lettuce cost now like the one from the supermarket or even the open market place, we need to enjoy it now and be prepared to have different salads in the spring.(and not to be concerned of getting used to such great quality because it will not always be there). Who said we need to have Cherry Tomatoes or great Hermon appes the whole year?. The point is to learn to enjoy what is out there and available now.

Surprisingly enough, both my husband and I mentioned how this approach reminded us of how it was once (when we were kids), when for me as an Israeli born we knew that oranges were in the winter only  and we had waited for them to arrive , for my husband growing up in upstate New York it was the same feeling about the fall apples. I was so excited to have the first orange in the season (the blessing of eating the fruit the first time in the year makes so much sense when it is truly the first fruit for that year).

My husband and I started to  look for items and products that are healthier and would not necessarily cost more. We learned a while ago that vegetables with no peel (like the green ones) or very thin peels (like tomatoes or cucumbers) are even more harmful being laden with pesticides. So we thought that at least we would try to purchase of this kind when we find them at an affordable price and add them  to our diet.

We were so excited when we found that it exist that we decided to have it be part of the service that  David’s Naturals will be bringing to the people in our community( if there will be enough interest in this).

So, last Shabbat we enjoyed a great Nicoise salad with such flavours that it is truly hard to describe, especially when we got so used to eating the sprayed “plastic” vegetables. We talked about how going on with this philosophy puts us much more in touch with nature. Our son asked if we have Apples and I found myself explaining to him that the great Hermon apples we had a few months ago are not in season because the trees now are barren(as we see when we drive  around the surrounding areas in the Golan) and the only Apples in the market are those from the refrigerator or refrigerator from abroad (of which even he knows the difference in taste).

We thought how far we all got .. from living more naturally and in touch wIth ourselves and the world.  To be honest, we were surprised that not everybody was “jumping” on this band wagon with “ Wow ORGANIC VEGGIES at Shuk prices???”

I thought to myself  that when confronted with the possibility of having what( for long time)  we say we want, we not necessarily grab it when it finally shows up in our life…. Probably the change in our thinking and in our habits is the tough one to overcome, so it seems like it is not about the fresh lettuce but our fresh look and attitude regarding our lives.

For a joyous and healthy month of Adar.

copyright & by Rachel Wheeler  – Lecturer, Writer, Consultant and Workshop Facilitator in the field of relationship and communication. Working with thousands of people both in the private and corporate sectors, including seminaries and rabbinical organizations. Rachel lives in the Golan Heights with her husband and son.  She can be contacted here.


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