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Exact Text of New Israeli Draft Law… or not

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Hello Member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) ……….. office!
Is it possible to get the current text of the Sharing the Burden law (the new Israeli legislation for drafting the ultra-orthodox Torah students) currently being debated / voted upon / considered?

Is it online?  Is there a link available? 

Thank you…

Thank you for your mail.

Until the law has been voted on with all the changes, it is not possible to send out.

I'm sure that you understand.

Take care


Chief of Staff

MK ………….


Hi ………….,

While I understand your point, I would like to report to my community on what's really going on as opposed to listening to people screaming on the radio about it being the end of the world and riling everyone up.  Further, how can the public lobby their elected officials or even give feedback if they don't know the true details of what is being done? 

I thought that the proposal had undergone a first and second vote/reading?  Does the Knesset not publish the text of laws that have been voted upon???

Thank you for your timely reply…


It has not been voted on a second time yet as there are still changes being made.

That is what the committee has been doing for the last 7 months.

There is no final law yet. They are voting clause by clause.

Take care


I appreciate your time in responding to my queries, and note the very late hour of your responses.

Is the First Reading, which was voted upon, available? 

On a similar question, is there any online or office at the Knesset where draft legislation or committee work is available for viewing by the public?


Hi Akiva,

I know you are asking for information purposes and I appreciate that., but in this case you need to wait a but longer for right information" not the wrong information.

The first draft was voted on knowing there would be months of committee meetings to change it.

In the next few weeks the voting will be finished, if the law passes, it will be available,

I am afraid you will have to wait until then, as until it is finished being changed, there is no exact law.

Take care


  1. So everyone is just discussing "leaks" from committee meetings on this up and coming law?

  2. Well, in theory they are "voting by clause", so a clause that has already been voted upon is likely to be in the final (not yet voted upon) version - though nothing stops them from changing anything before the final vote. AND this is only "the second reading". It needs a 3rd vote to become law.

    That said, IF they act with coalition discipline, then they will vote as a majority together - so what comes out of the committee can be assumed to become law.

  3. I heard something interesting on a similar topic about the government not supporting Torah institutions as much as they use to. Rabbi Kessin mentions that on the one hard, it hurts people financially and makes problems. But on the other hand, the reason the erev rav(secular leaders) is powerful is because of supporting those institutions. But if they stop supporting, their z'chus is taken away and the erev rav becomes weak.


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