Thursday, February 20, 2014

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Chasing the Physical - 4

by Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths

Judgment Day reminds us of the true perspective on life. The main thing is to not get discouraged or disheartened by it. Understand that you’re main success each day is to not give up, but to start again.  I’ve only asked for one chance and only for today, tomorrow I’ll ask for the next. For example: Another page of Gemara or maybe it’s your first page of Gemara. Each person where he’s holding. The main thing is to grab hold of it, because this is what Hashem created you for.

If you can’t do anything – so cry out from the depths of your heart – “Ribono Shel Olam! They’re confusing me! They’re telling me he’s not the right one or that I should be doing something, or that I’m not capable of doing anything. Help me!” People fall off from doing what they can and get bored. With me you’ll never get bored I promise. Boredom is the plague of our generation. Young, old – they’re all bored of life. “What will it help to marry” or “What will it help me to learn? I’ll anyway never  be a good husband or become a Rosh Yeshiva.”  lies
True life is when a person believes what marriage is or what a page of Gemara is, What one day of marriage, what a page of Zohar is worth, and the joy of learning the seforim of Tzaddikim. We need to fight against the kaltkeit, the coldness and indifference. Start again. “But I remember how it used to be…” Today can also be good. There is Olam Haba, we have to do things l’shem shomayim and live with Emunah. Do things for Hashem with enthusiasm and energy and joy – for His glory.

We can make a difference! You and I can change this world into Olam Haba, for ourselves and for all those see us. It is only up to us to decide and to do! We will do! And we will listen!


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