Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Chasing the Physical - 3

by Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths

Why do people give up learning? Why do we give up on having love?  It’s due to the suffering we go through. Its because we lack Daas to see how do we get it.  It is given to us by the Tzaddik. The Tzaddikim give us back the power to see, they give us back our eyes. But it’s hard. There are so many tests, and a person asks “Until when?” This is where a person really grows. We need to learn that we work on believing, on our emunah in Hashem and Olam Haba. Realize how much you’ve gained today. Believe in Hashem, believe that this is how it has to be in this world. The Rebbe teaches us many ways to get through all this. I can show you one day at a time if you will let me.
Understand – this is just how Hashem runs the world, and it’s all for our good. Start again every day. But something is hurting you. Why are you making a big deal about it, why are you thinking about it? Reb Levi Yitzchok Binder told us how he ran away in World War I and came to Uman. There was such poverty. There was nothing, literally. But people they got married, had children, learned – they finished Shas every year. People learned Shulchan Aruch with such depth. There were bullets flying, a war, and abject poverty. Every night they got up for Chatzos, they went to the Tsion. We look at this as a story of times gone by, but we can take inspiration and strength from this. To know that there is such a Rebbe who can bring people to live like this.
Why is this happening? Because this is your portion in this world. Despite it, you can still achieve so much. But what happens? A person gets discourages and gives up. He stops doing anything. Never give up! A bochur gets to seventeen and doesn’t see his learning going so well, so he decides that making money is the main thing in life. Mistake!
Rebbe Nachman comes and says, “Listen here – you think that you’ll have good in this world. You can, but only with emunah and by giving your life over to Hashem. That’s the only way to have a good life in this world. Otherwise, don’t expect anything.”


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