Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Chasing the Physical - 2

by Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths

Rebbe Nachman calls out to us, “Why are you running after this world so much? Come! Let’s run towards the true goal and purpose of life, the true tachlis! Let’s learn Torah and serve Hashem!” This is the message of this Torah (Likutey Moharan 137), and we need Hashem’s loving grace to help us accept this message in the right way.

The Rebbe says that when the Beis HaMikdash stood, there was such closeness to Hashem. People’s hearts and minds were so open. Now we don’t have the eyes to see it. You can tell me a thousand times that this world is nothing, and I’ll still only see this world. Tell a person about Olam Haba and he doesn’t see it. The way he’s living, he can’t imagine that he’s going to get any Olam Haba.
What can we do practically with this? We believe in Olam Haba – we believe that for sure there is Olam Haba. And what we need to know is that when we run to Hashem with emunah in all that we go through, when we think thoughts of emunah and strengthen our faith, when we busy ourselves learning Torah and davening and doing hisbodedus and saying Tehillim – that’s when we really get Olam HaZeh, because in truth this world is Olam Haba. When our eyes are opened we can see how we can be close to Hashem, “Hashem really does need me, and loves me, He’s watching over me always.”
We’ve been in exile for 2,000 years. Isn’t this a question? No. It’s no question. We’re the chosen people. We have been through so much. We are one big queer story! On the contrary, though – we’re still here after all this. The non-Jews know that we’re the chosen people.

We need to jump up like a lion every morning – there’s so much we can achieve each day. Hashem loves us so much and delights in us. But we don’t have the eyes to see it. The concealment makes a person not see that there’s Olam Haba. To not see that the world is filled with Hashem’s glory that He guards over all of  us that everything that happens to us is with Divine Providence.  But this is what the Tsaddikim teach us.


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