Monday, February 17, 2014

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Chasing the Physical - 1

by Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths

Likutey Moharan 137 “My portion, O’ HaShem, I said, to observe Your words.” (tehillim 119:57)

This means that my “Godly portion from above” my Nefesh Elokeet which is from above is really a part of Hashem. Tells me and teaches me to observe Your words. This means Hashem in us directs us and teaches us to go in His ways.  If we but would understand this we could avoid a lot of tsuris.
Our focus has to be on Elokeet (G-dliness) and for most it is not so. In this world we think that the main thing is to make a living and have a ‘good life’. For some, this means nothing more than getting to the next bottle of beer. Amongst us there is a sense that it’s important to have a nice home, to achieve something. This creates a feeling that our status in this world carries a lot of weight. Everyone is so busy with this world.

We have to remember that a person doesn’t live forever – that we’re headed for Olam Haba (the world to come) and we need to prepare for it - so people learn and pray a bit. But still there is this sense that this world is also important – as if it’s on a par with Olam Haba.
Rebbe Nachman says that there is no Olam HaZeh (the material world). People want a a blessing for success in this world – they certainly don’t want to hear that this world doesn’t even exist! What is the point of telling us this, that there’s no Olam HaZeh?

There are some people who need to thank Hashem because they aren’t full of suffering.  People think that this doesn’t apply to them and they don’t understand what the Rebbe wants by telling us that the world is full of suffering and doesn’t even exist. Really the Rebbe wants to open up for us something that we do understand and can relate to.

The Rebbe wants us to understand two things:
The first is how much we have to arouse and encourage ourselves to serve Hashem, because this world tricks us so much. The Rebbe told us how much we trick ourselves and told us to follow him and connect to the truth.
The second thing is about the suffering that we do go through. Even someone who seems okay, if you talk to him, you find he has at least one thing, one illusion that pains him so much. Deep down inside, his heart is broken, because something dear to him didn’t work out. There’s a need to understand that this is how this world works. The dream you have that everything can be smooth and perfect in this world is, in truth, a childish illusion. We have to beware of this, so that the reality of this world doesn’t bring us to deny Hashem or break us. Our task is to accept it with love, and then we can be close to Hashem, always. We can serve Him and love Him and constantly grow in our emunah and closeness to Him.


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