Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Top Chassidic Women’s Magazine-New e-Edition, Sale Price!

IMG_1350Nshei Chabad Newsletter is the top (Jewish) chassidic women’s magazine in the world.  As a paper magazine it’s available in select chassidic and ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhoods around the world.

But now it’s available worldwide INSTANTLY as Nshei Chabad Newsletter announces release of a new Electronic Edition!

Jewish women around the world love Nshei Chabad Newsletter.  But due to Chabad women living and being on shlichus world wide and Jewish neighborhoods being spread around the world, some have to wait months to receive their copy or are unable to get it due to mail service problems, mailing costs, or simply the high cost of a U.S. priced magazine plus international shipping.

In honor of the Kinos HaShluchos (Chabad House Rebbizen’s conference) and the Lubavticher Rebbe’s Rebbitzen's yaretzheit, Nshei Chabad Newsletter is excited to announce a new Electronic Edition of the newsletter. 

The e-Edition is a FULL COPY of the magazine reformatted for reading via an iPad / iPhone, Android Pad or Phone, Kindle or other e-Reader, or on a computer.

Now every Jewish woman around the world can instantly get their copy of Nshei Chabad Newsletter, read the most inspiring stories and receive chizuk from the Rebbe.

Are you worried about loaning out your copy of Nshei and never getting it back?  Send your friend a gift e-edition.

Is the incredible 100 pages of Nshei too big to fit in your purse?  Read it on your phone!  Did your toddler drop your Nshei in the sink?  Don't miss a single article, get the e-edition today!


?? how do i get it ?? 

1. If you don't already have it, get the (Amazon) Kindle App for your Phone, Pad or PC...

----- On the Phone or Pad, go to the App Store or Play Store, search for the FREE Kindle App and get it.  Or click here for iPhone, here for iPad, or an Android phone here, or an Android Pad here.

----- On the PC, Mac or any other computer, click here to get the free Kindle program.

----- If you have a Kindle ebook reader, you don't need anything else!

----- Or read it in ANY web browser here.

2. Go to (if you have a US account or International credit card) and buy it!  Click here or on Amazon search for "Nshei Chabad".

----- If you have a UK credit card or UK Amazon account. the link is here.

----- Here for a Canadian account, and here for an Australian one.

----- It's up on ALL the Amazon sites, so if you have a German or Mexican or French or Brazilian Amazon account, just search for Nshei Chabad.

----- If you're a serious techie and want the EPUB to do with as you will, buy it here at Smashwords.

???? NOT SURE YOU WANT TO BUY IT?  AMAZON let's you "TRY A SAMPLE" to see how it will look.  GO GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE RIGHT NOW ????

3. LET ALL YOUR FRIENDS KNOW, or GIFT IT (Amazon lets you send it to a friend instead of to yourself).  AND please please LEAVE A REVIEW on Amazon - more reviews mean more Jewish women finding it!

…and coming soon to the iNewsstand/iBook(store).


!!! Flood the world and the Internet with Torah and goodness! !!!


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