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This is a Mouse Trap



This is a Mouse Trap


By Reb Gutman Locks


     The cheese is inviting, seems delicious, but when you take a bite the trap springs down hard on the back of your neck and you get caught!


    Benyamin, the same fellow who posted that very attractive picture of a Buddhist monk meditating last week posted a delightful picture of the dalai lama with a peaceful, inviting smile. He looks so nice. Across the picture was written; “What is love? Love is the absence of Judgment. dalai lama”


I left the following comment:

     “Why can’t you find Jewish sources to teach the lessons you want to share. I remember this lama teaching; to bring peace to the world we should ‘appease the god with 4 heads and 21 arms’!

     The Torah tells us to judge our fellow favorably. This is more loving than ignoring him.”


     My comment did not help. He answered with sarcasm, insisting what he was doing was correct. He wrote that his quotes do not contradict the Torah, and are “applicable to the Bnei Noah” and that he is “not endorsing an idolatrous program”.

    He also posted; “Fear is temporary—Regret is forever” 


    I commented; “Regret can be rectified by changing our current behavior.”


    Benyamin dresses as a religious Jew with a beard and kipa. He lists his occupation as a psychotherapist. So when people see his articles and picture, they assume that the articles are wise and in line with the teachings of the Torah. But these are neither wise, nor in line with the Torah. They come straight from the books of idolatry; Buddhism and Taoism.

     The problem is not simply a difference in style. The differences between the Torah and these religions is fundamental, so when a Jew posts positive appearing articles about the teachers of idolatry he is in fact spreading that idolatry.

     The two statements that he posted point out two of the many huge differences between the teachings of the Torah and the Eastern religions.

     Their main hope is to attain a peaceful state by detaching from the world. Our hope is to serve our Creator by using the World for holy purposes.

     Keeping in line with their objective, they say “Don’t judge”, and we keeping in line with our objective say, “Judge favorably”.

     They say, “Do not regret -let go- do not be concerned with your past deeds,” and we say; “Regret is precious. It teaches us to correct our behavior so we can improve our lives.”

     The pictured lama seems to be a clever and delightful man. He has hundreds of thousands of followers. He is also without doubt the man who has brought more Jews to his idolatry than any other man in history. Today, they claim that in America alone there are hundreds of thousands of Jews who are somehow involved with Buddhism, and this is primarily due to this man’s pleasant ways.

     Benyamin would like us to believe that the lama is a follower of the Benei Noah. Benei Noah are righteous gentiles who keep the 7 Commandments of Noah. The first of these commandments is the prohibition against idolatry. Many years ago I read an article this lama wrote in the very popular magazine, “National Geographics”. He wrote that the deities from his home village were among the best of all the deities.

    There are no deities from his village, nor from any other village.

    The cheese seems delicious, but the trap snaps and cuts off your head!



  1. Judge favourably.
    I remember an anecdote that Jewish Israeli woman travelled East to meet the Dalai Lama. She wanted to become Buddhist.
    Upon learning she was Jewish, he told her that he had nothing he could teach her, and to return to Israel and study Judaism there.
    He is also supposed to have dipped in the Arizal Mikveh in Zefat, though I am not sure of the implications of that for Jews?

  2. London- You are doing the same thing that Benjamin is doing. You are praising the good deeds of a man who has brought hundreds of thousands of Jews to his idolatry. Do not praise even the good of an idolater or your praises will lead others to accept his idols too.

  3. Yeah slicha but,
    How come the creeps at stormfront know something of lama darling that American Jews don't know?
    You can delete all you want but it's so easy to google you see?
    I did comment on this subject overhere with links and all, when a Tibetan monk was at the Kotel few years back. (?)
    Taboo? You just can't believe it, or you think I am making up these things?


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