Sunday, January 19, 2014


Oy the Mall

by Reb Akiva


It would be nice to think the consumer culture faded away because everyone understood the emptiness of buying to fulfill (manipulated) emotional need – controlled by marketing departments driving products designed for “planned obsolescence” and “this year’s fashion or style”.

The graph shows U.S. mall traffic (how many people walked into malls across the U.S.) in 2013 was LESS THAN 1/2 what it was in 2010.  While the main stream media harps on the “economic recovery”, an odd term for a time when less people are working than 5 years ago but the unemployment numbers are better (where did all those people go – not working and not unemployed?), stores are seeing LESS THAN 1/2 THE TRAFFIC of just 3 years ago.  The stores remain “profitable” (if they didn’t go out of business) by having cut jobs, cut inventory and, in some cases, simply closing stores. 


Retail space (stores) are only being developed at 10% the rate of 5 years ago.  No new stores, no new jobs, no new outlets for new products and ideas. 

Where’d all the stores go?  Where’d all the jobs go? 


“The Bureau projections show the Labor Rate continuing its decline…indicating that the high (rate of people working) … might be a figure of the past. In particular, the decline in women’s (working rate) is not expected to reverse. The Bureau does not expect the large decline in the (working) rates for the youngest group, 16-24-year-olds, to reverse either.”  (economist at the Federal Reserve Bank)

Not to worry.  The Federal Reserve and the Bureau of Labor Statistics says… it’s ok, being unemployed is THE NEW NORMAL.  Get used to it, embrace the free time.  Love the government support.  It’s good for you and for the country, because.

Shut up!  Because recovery!  And Obamacare!  Or something.  What are you, a conservative tea party nut?  NSA, get this guy’s address.  IRS, you know what to do.


  1. I'm wondering if part of that, if not most of that, is because of a cultural shift away from going to the mall for 'entertainment' and instead spending more time on the smartphone from anywhere else.

    Something indeed to worry about especially if the amount of online purchases is not making up for most if not more than this drop in mall sales.

    The fact is also that more and more sales are made from smartphones.

    Online sales are good? Increased efficiency means people all over one country can buy from one warehouse (or system of warehouses) instead of each needing a local store. This

    There is actually an increase in new retail space which is a 'good' sign.

  2. America is dying. It is dying faster than most Jews in America care to see. Get out before the American Twilight turns into the American nightmare.

    The goyim see it in America, about 25 or 30% of them. The Jews who see it have already made Aliyah, I guess. And whatever upticks seem to have taken place in the last 6 months, forget it. ObamaCare is destroying 20% of the American economy as we speak. It is destroying America's only real thriving industry on a national scale, HealthCare. Get out and don't look back lest you turn into a pillar of salt.


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