Thursday, January 09, 2014

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Internet vs. the Rosh Hayeshiva

by Reb Gutman Locks



Internet vs. the Rosh Hayeshiva


     When I told a ‘Charedi Rosh Hayeshiva that my YouTube videos are on a number of channels, and all together they have received well over one million views, he made a sour face and yelled, “And what good do they do?”

     I tried to explain to him that the vast majority of Jews in the world today do not buy religious books, at least not Jewish religious books, so the internet is the best way to reach them. I told him that I have received letters from all over the world telling me how a video changed their lives. He scowled at me.

     I just received another one. Yes, the internet is dangerous, but it is also an opportunity to help people who otherwise we would not be able to reach.


Yohanan Levi wrote:

     Rabbi, I was a Jew stranded in fables and nonsense and thanks to one of your videos I came back to the Faith of my forefathers. I will forever be grateful to Hashem for you. Peace to you forever. Besides me also my mother, wife and my sister. 


Gutman wrote back:

     The best way to thank me is to look for someone else who is stuck where you were stuck and help him to come home, too. You can be a huge help to a lot of people if you try. Be well



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