Sunday, January 05, 2014

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I’m an Angel…well, sort of

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     Shabbos afternoon I walked by three Russian men sitting at the Kotel. I knew the one sitting in the middle. He teaches beginning Talmud to Russians. One of the men offered me a piece of candy. I took it, and then I pointed my finger at him and said one of the five lines that I know in Russian. “Genitza na Irvrecha!” (my spelling). It means, marry a Jewish girl. The guy’s mouth dropped open, and he looked at the other two guys with a funny look on his face. The teacher smiled, and the other one pushed both his thumbs up in the air, “Thumbs up!” and I walked away.

     Early the next morning the teacher came up to me and asked how I knew to tell him that he had to marry a Jewish girl.

     I explained that I only know how to say five things in Russian, and four of them have to do with getting Russians to put on tefillin, so I didn’t have anything else I could say to the guy.

     He said, “He has to get away from his non-Jewish girlfriend, and your message got to him.”

     “Tell him that G-d had me walk by and say that to him so he better listen.”

     He said, “Don’t worry, that he already knows!”

     So without even knowing it, I delivered a message to the guy straight from Hashem. Just like an angel….well sort of …. I wonder, are there any baal teshuvah angels?


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