Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Are You Really Who They Said You Are?

by Reb Gutman Locks


Are You Really Who They Said You Are?


     What would happen if you found out that you were not really you? I am not speaking in a mystical sense, as I often do, that you found out that you are really not your body, but in an actual sense.

     Let me explain; Gary is from America. He grew up his whole life wondering why both his parents had blue eyes, but he didn't. He married a nice girl, had three nice children with her, and lived in the Mid-West teaching music in a High School.

      Finally, when he was 35 years old he began searching intensely, questioning, pressing, trying to find out his background. Guess what? Gary found out that when he was a few months old he was adopted by a very nice x-ian couple (his loving parents), but his real mother was Jewish. In fact, her father was a Kohen (priestly tribe).

     After the shock wore off Gary had to make some changes. His wife and children are not Jewish, but he is. What should he do? What must have gone through his head!

    We put tefillin on him, and I explained the 7 Commandments of Noah to his young sons, and off he went back to America. Life…you never know what surprise is going to come next.

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  1. Wow, having blue eyes is a recessive gene. If both of your parents have blue eyes, the odds are 100% that you will have blue eyes too. I hope that his adopted parents were not trying to pull the wool over "his eyes" by not telling him that he was adopted.


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