Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Women of the Wall Attacked by… Jordan?!


(Photo – Egalitarian Prayer Platform at the Western Wall, on the Robinson’s Arch side – to the right of the Women’s section)

The “Women of the Wall” have been battling for years to overturn all Jewish tradition and pray “their way” at the Western Wall – the outside of the #1 holiest Jewish site (outside meaning it’s the “outside wall on the west”, the holiest site is on the inside of the wall, the Temple Mount itself).  To attempt to bring peace to the battle over prayer space at the Kotel (Western Wall), an egalitarian prayer platform was constructed off to the right in an unused archeological section of the Western Wall.  (To the right of the ladies section and the crumbling bridge, and to the left of Robinson’s Arch.)

Not to fear whether there’s enough controversy, the Jordanians have now jumped in declaring a Jihad against Women of the Wall…

(Jerusalem Post) Structure built for Women of the Wall activist group "is a blatant attack on the Muslim monuments and Waqf, Jordanian minister says.  Jordan has condemned Israel’s construction of a large platform at the Western Wall for egalitarian prayer. 

The platform lies just south of the plaza and is not close to any Islamic sites or places of prayer.

Jordan’s Petra news agency on Monday quoted Jordanian State Minister for Media Affairs Muhammad Momani saying that the construction of the platform “is a blatant attack on the Muslim monuments and Wakf [Islamic trust] land which is an integral part of the Aksa Mosque.”

The mosque is built on the southern end of the Temple Mount complex and the Western Wall is one of the exterior walls of this structure. The Western Wall Plaza and the new prayer platform are located many meters below the Temple Mount.

Momani stressed Jordan’s position “to exert political, diplomatic and legal efforts to protect and care for Muslim and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem,” and warned of “Jewish settlers and extremists’ continued call to storm the Aksa Mosque under the pretext of Jewish holidays,” according to the report.

The Women of the Wall may have ended their battle with observant Jews and normative Judaism, but it seems they’ve accidentally opened a new one with Jordan and the Islamic Wakf.  Seems it doesn’t matter how a Jew prayers, they’re out to get ALL of us.

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  1. The objective of the WOW is not to get to pray their style but rather to force 'equality' onto the entire Western Wall plaza.


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