Monday, December 30, 2013

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Why Worry about Their Spituality?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

A top Jewish religious web site recently published an article, taken from a “popular yoga blog” about how a practitioner of yoga, who happens to be Jewish, finally found meaning in Hindu/Yoga teachings about union with the infinite and surrendering oneself via spending time with Orthodox Jews in Israel and their dedication to G-d and Mitzvot. 

Reb Gutman asked:

I wonder why (top Jewish religious web site) put something like this out???

Reb Akiva responds:

Unfortunately some among the Jewish community believe anything that speaks of spirituality is good.  Since in this generation we fight "no god" more than we fight "foreign gods that we did not know" (Haazinu), it's an easy mistake to make.


This dedicated yoga practitioner, who happens to be Jewish, wrote “I first felt the presence of God when I was 26 and traveling in Israel. A nonprofit organization sponsored a free trip for Jews who had never before visited (that’s Birthright).  When the plane landed in Tel Aviv, the tour guides said “welcome home”. Because my ancestors were Jewish, they considered Israel my spiritual homeland.”

While the author did not consider Israel to have anything to do with her (though wasn’t about to argue with a free trip in the name of being Jewish), it was Israel, not her yoga, that opened her to the “presence of God”.  As G-d promised, Israel is the inheritance of every Jewish person.

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  1. I read once that for each year there is a corresponding verse of the Torah. We are in 5774 - and the 5774th verse falls in Ha'azinu. May we reach Vezot Habrachah speedily.


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