Thursday, December 05, 2013


Science and Prayer

From Reb Gutman



Science and Prayer


     Here are some facts about belief in G-d and prayer that recent studies have shown. The interesting thing about these studies is that the results they show are not necessarily from prayers being answered, but merely about what happens when you pray.


Talking to G-d boosts emotional stability and self-control over your behavior.

Prayer as a coping response to the high demands in life brings an increased ability to resist temptation.

People who pray have reduced levels of infidelity and alcohol consumption.

Belief in G-d significantly improves treatment for depression. More than 30 percent of patients claiming no specific religious affiliation still saw the same benefits in treatment if their belief in God was rated as moderately or very high. Patients with 'no' or only 'slight' belief in God were twice as likely not to respond to treatment as patients with higher levels of belief.


     Believing in, and talking to G-d, improves your life. It is pleasant, easy, free, and now even scientifically proven to help. You do not have to wait for a minyan (quorum) or even go to the synagogue to pray. You can talk to G-d wherever you are, whenever you want good company.





  1. The chassidim 'drink like fish'; they pray plenty, but in no way have a reduced level of alcohol consumption.


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