Friday, December 27, 2013

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Non-Jewish Tourists in Jerusalem?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

Picture – Non-Jewish tourists to the Western Wall, the 1st holiest Jewish site (actually the Temple Mount is the holiest site, this is the outer wall of that site which is currently occupied by Islamic prayer buildings), praying in a distinctly non-Jewish way.


    One of the “side effects” to the long awaited Redemption that we are experiencing is the huge flow of non-Jewish tourists to Israel, especially to Jerusalem. It is sometimes hard to walk in the narrow streets of the Old City due to the crowds, at least half of which are xians on tour, going from one traditional x-ian holy site to another.

It can be disconcerting, to say the least, when you are trying to get home from the market with bags of groceries weighing you down. The worst of it is when they pray at the Kotel to their deity right in front of us (in ways completely prohibited and inappropriate for Jews) when we are trying to pray!

So how are we to react to this invasion? Well, it depends on the goal.  Here is a letter from a non-Jewish woman from South America telling of her experience at the Kotel, and then my brief response.

My name is heidy and I'm from Honduras.

even though I'm from a different religion, I really enjoy reading you're writings and watching you're videos, and I think you're a great person, with a noble heart and mission.

beside greeting you, I would also like to share with you that I went to Israel last year, by pure mercy of God, may I say because there was no way I could afford that kind of trip, but the opportunity was given to me, and I was just wondering, with all due respect, does tourists  bother you (jews) ?  especially tourists from other religions ? because while I was there, in the wailing wall, I was watching from a pretty fair distance how jews where giving the welcoming to shabat, and I was humming a religious song in hebrew that I've heard and it kinda of stuck in me, I was feeling nostalgic ad very thankful to God for allowing me to be there, when this jewish lady came up to me and asked me if I was jewish, and when answer her "no". she told me that if I wasn't jewish, I shouldn't be singing a jewish song.

is it true? or was she wrong?? the lyrics said " shalom uberaja aleheim".
thanks for taking the time of reading this, Good-Bye.

Gutman’s Response:

You are welcome to visit Israel, and if you keep the “7 Commandments of Noah” you might someday be able to live here, too. See my videos, “A Light Unto the Nations - Noah and Abraham”… and… “G-d is Everywhere”. They will show you how to follow those laws.

You certainly may sing a Jewish song, especially if you pay attention to the meaning of the words.

Be well

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