Sunday, December 22, 2013

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Last of the Jerusalem Snow Pics

The snow is melting, the holy city returning to normal during a chilly winter.  Here’s the last of the interesting snow pictures that I have from Jerusalem…

It’s a snow yid davening at the Kotel…


A bit past Ramot, the hillsides were still covered a week later…

2013-12-17 Snow 002

I had a business appointment in the morning in Tel Aviv, which was around 65 degrees (f).  I drove up via 443 and watched the temperature drop to around 40.  As soon as a entered the snow line, there were literally lines of cars of people who had driven up from Tel Aviv with their kids to experience the snow.  Here’s one family trying it out…

2013-12-17 Snow 004

That’s Kever Shmuel HaNavi, the holy resting place of the biblical prophet Samuel. 

2013-12-17 Snow 006

And I close with just a piece of Jerusalem stone, a desert rock, in the snow.

2013-12-17 Snow 007


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