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Just some Nasty Anti-Semitism

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Our happy blog gets syndicated through a number of channels.  There’s one in particular that’s a bit more offbeat than the others, and it’s not surprising that it bring some more offbeat comments on their site.

What has surprised me is how those offbeat comments have been morphing into outright nasty good old fashioned U.S. style anti-semitism.  Here’s some lovely examples in the last 2 weeks, which I’m going to address here but which will of course syndicate back out to that site and those lovely commentors:

* In response to Reb Gutman’s article and great video “The Successful Jew”:

Commentor Anonymous said:  Cheat ! Lie ! Steal ! & kill to take the property! :wink: :wink: The Light Upon Nations! :twisted:

- As far as light unto the nations, we’re sure this commentor would have preferred to live in Roman times, where slavery and pedophilia was the norm (as opposed to the value of every individual introduced by the Torah and the Jewish people). The question remains what role he would have preferred.

On the same story, commentor Huan Xiang said: Don't you mean "The Eternally Evil Jew"?

- When good and evil are defined by those who are evil, this is what we see.  The good, the kind, the charitable, those who strive in the ways of G-d are defined as evil – a statement which is itself evil.  But that’s what anti-semitism is.

* In response to our article yesterday on the Beis HaLevi:

Commentor HereAmI wrote:  Yawn.

(If you don’t find it interesting, you are under no obligation to read it.)

The question I have; what was the jew being pursued by the government for? Massive embezzlement of funds? The abduction, murder, and exsanguination of a Christian youth? Stealing goy property? Lying under oath?

(Exsanguination {draining of blood} of a Christian youth?  The classic blood libel, the ultimate in anti-semitism.  You reveal yourself for what you are, a hater filled with evil…)

Please do not be fooled by the idea, so glibly presented here, that these criminals were discussing the Torah, ie the books given to Moses by YHVH at Sinai. They were arguing about something else entirely, ie the exact, but wilfully perverted, meaning of some aspect of this revelation as determined by some grimy, old, and probably homosexual man calling himself a rabbi.

(Now we’ve jumped from embezzeling kidnapping murdering blood draining property thieving lyers to something even worse… homosexuals.  Nope, no hating there.  How do we know they were homosexuals?  Because they were discussing…the bible!  Did something bad happen to you during your childhood?  I’m beginning to thing so…)

The jews consider their wisdom to be greater than that of God Himself, thus their ideas about these matters are far more important than what God Himself says. The fact that they cannot show from the Word of God that there ever was an "Oral Torah" tells you everything you need to know, but were afraid to ask, about their incorrigible mendacity and wickedness.

(Blah blah blah, you know better than 2,500 years of religious sages.)

Oh, and incidentally, this wil l blow a main fuse in the above writer's brain, but the meaning of YHVH is "Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail". Thus He is synonymous with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

(Given your statements above I doubt any religious christian would want to be associated with you.  But be that as it may, somehow I doubt you or any source you can drag up from the depths in which you live has the Hebrew skills to have the slightest idea what the Tetragrammaton means.  So no, you didn’t blow any fuses, just saddened me that there are people such as yourself who live on such hatred of others.)

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  1. G-d bless israel. rabbi akiva, i always read your blog's articles and R Gutmans and find them very inspiring.i am a noahide .
    i was a xtian for 40 years and the last 22 years am a practising noahide. so i am not surprised to read the remarks. it has not changed in the last 22 years or prior. and their latest onslaught is quoting rav kadouri and linking his letter to jc. now someone has written a book and its hitting pitch sales. just on a word Yehoshua, which could mean Joshua ben Nun or any of the great talmudic sages of that name. yet no attempt is made by the xtn world to explain why he is called jc, and not by his hebrew name. as the chabad call, Mosiach now. blessings.


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