Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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I Want To See G-d

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


“Yaakov from Los Angeles” sent a complaint to a site about my video,  Answers to a Pastor

He wrote:

     [The video contains] “all good teaching until the last minute or two…I’m uncomfortable hearing Gutman say he wants to see G-d … to see G-d's presence. People hearing this language will infer G-d has or will have form. This is a fallacy. This language defeats entirely the rest of Gutman's message, in my opinion. Please clarify.”

Gutman’s response:

     The Ramchal, among others, taught that the very purpose of man is to reveal G-d’s Presence in the World. Depending upon your level of spiritual understanding this could mean merely seeing G-d’s hand in the creation (hashgacha pratit), or it could mean actually seeing G-d’s Revealed Presence, i.e. when G-d shows you that He is really here). King Dovid, the beloved of Hashem, wrote about this concept some 50 times in the book of Psalms. “How long will you hide Your Face from me?”[1]

     Experiencing G-d’s Face, His Countenance, His Presence, is the most wondrous, life fulfilling moment possible. It cannot be described, but it is glorious, awesome, Holy…. Only an idolater would be satisfied imagining some form, or a moving vision. The Jew knows that Hashem is infinite, so no form can possibly represent Him.

     Hashem told us to build His Sanctuary so there would be a place for Him “dwell among” us.[2] But the Zohar tells us that no place is devoid of G-d. Then, what was the experience of G-d dwelling among us? We were told to go to the Temple “To see and to be seen by the Divine Presence of G-d.” What did we see when we went to the Temple? It would depend on our spiritual development. Some saw nothing, while others stood in awe gazing and basking in the radiance of the glory of His Presence.

    Surely, if King Dovid taught us to say, “I shall behold Your face,” then we should say, “I want to see G-d.”

     The point of saying this in the video was to teach the viewers not to be satisfied with a limited god, a man, or a spirit, but to worship, and long for the infinite G-d, and to pray for the actual vision of His Presence.

[1] Psalms 13:2, and, for example: 4:7 “Shine upon us the light of Your face Hashem.”, 10:1  “Why Hashem do You stand at a distance do you conceal Yourself in times of distress”, 10:11 “He has hidden His face”, 11:7  “..the upright will behold His face”, 15:1 “who may dwell on Your holy mountain?”,16:11 “the fullness of joy in Your Presence”, 17:16 “and I in righteousness I shall behold Your face., 44:25  “Why do You conceal Your face?”

[2] Exodus 25:8


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