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Eye to The Infinite - Ascending the Ladder (cont.)

by Aharon Rubin at Mystical Paths

Eye to the Infinite (revised) – A Torah Guide to Jewish Meditations to Increase Divine Awareness.
A Compendium of Meditations and Techniques, adapted from the Writings and Teachings of the Masters of Kabbalah and Jewish Theology.

The book and this post Copyright © 2013 by Aharon Rubin – serialized on the Mystical Paths blog

Moses indicated that each person has the potential for proph­ecy – which will eventually be realised - when he exclaimed, 
“Who would give, and it shall be, that all of G-d’s people would be proph­ets, when G-d will place His Spirit upon them.”[1] 
It is the natural state of the soul when aligned with G-d, in tune with its Source, and it is the inner yearn­ing of every Jew. As Rashi[2] writes in his com­mentary on Song of Songs:

“G-d gave us His Torah. He spoke to us Face to face. That love is more pleasant and beloved to us than any other pleas­ure. He as­sures us that He will ap­pear [again] to us and we entreat Him to fulfil His word, saying, ‘Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His Mouth’: would that G-d[3] once again re­veal to us His inner­most se­crets, kissing us, like He once did, with the kisses of His Mouth.”[4]
The Baal Shem Tov taught that everyone is able to experi­ence an ele­ment of indi­vidual re­demption by focusing on G-d and unit­ing that focus with speech or action, through medita­tive prayer or the pur­poseful fulfilment of Mitsvos, speaking or doing with full intent, mind and heart in sync. By separat­ing from the physical through hum­bling and dissolving the self in attachment to G-d and then actively ex­press­ing that attachment through speech or action, wholeheartedly annulling one’s sense of self to G-d, one ar­rives at the sweetness of the Hidden Light, the personal ex­peri­ence of the Mes­siah.
Each indi­vidual ex­perience affects the cosmic whole, ex­pedit­ing the complete redemp­tion, the arrival of the Messiah, when proph­ecy, knowl­edge and awareness of G-d, will be uni­ver­sal, as the prophet Joel prophesied:
 “After­wards, I will pour My Spirit on eve­ryone, your sons and daughters will proph­esy, your elders will dream (pro­phetic) dreams and your young men will see (pro­phetic) revela­tions.”[5]
May this be realised speedily in our days. 


[1] Ibid. 11:39.
[2] Rabbi Shlomo Yitschoki, famous 11th century commentator – see Glossary.
[3] Rashi uses the title King Shlomo in the sense that it is used in Shir HaShirim, as a refer­ence to G-d, i.e. the Supreme King to Whom Sholom belongs,” Sholom meaning per­fect unity and harmony.
[4] Paraphrased from Rashi’s commentary on Song of Songs 1:2.
[5] Joel 3:1.


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