Monday, November 25, 2013


What is a Bnei Noah?


by Reb Gutman Locks

     The actual definition of this term is a “child of Noah”, but here it refers to a gentile who keeps the 7 Commandments of Noah. He is still a gentile, but he has distinguished himself (or herself) from the rest of the gentiles of the world.

     A gentile who does not keep the 7 Commandments of Noah is likened to a mere animal. He follows only his animal inclination, and does whatever his animal nature wants. The negative opinions sometimes expressed in the Talmud and Chassidus about gentiles is referring to this gentile, the one who does not keep the 7 Commandments of Noah. But the gentile who treasures the 7 Commandments of Noah has elevated himself from his lower animal nature to become a “Chassid of the Nations”.

     A Chassid fulfills his duties toward G-d and his fellowman even beyond the letter of the law. For instance, the law only requires the Bnei Noah to teach these commandments to his own children, but a Chassid loves his master so much that he tries to share His laws with everyone he can. He is a mystic. He relates to the soul of a thing and not just to its body. He is alive with joy and passion. He loves life. He is a revolutionary in that he is always looking for ways to improve the world. He loves G-d and keeps the commandments because he loves and fears Him. He has willingly brought these commandments upon himself, and he is thankful for them every day of his life.

     And how are we Jews to treat these Children of Noah? We are to treat them with love and respect. And if they would like, they are allowed to settle in the Holy Land,[1] and in the time of the Redemption, if they cannot support themselves we are to support them.

     We look forward to more and more gentiles fulfilling their life’s purpose. They make great neighbors.

[1] There is a movement now trying to get the State of Israel to allow them to settle in the Land


  1. Oh... we CANNOT WAIT until this happens!!! We LOVE the Land of Israel and all the People of Israel...

  2. One little problem, however. The movement you are referring to is for the benefit of XIANS, not NOAHIDES. You should be fighting this and bringing forth the difference.

    However small the percentage man Yeshu is (as opposed to god), he is still a man and the Xians still worship him.

    We cannot break down the walls between us and the gentiles until they give up their gods. Am I right?

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  3. What is Bnei Noah ?

    It's a rabbinic consolation for the poor Gentile who has no place in their Jew-centric interpretation of the tanakh.

    In their Jew-centric interpretation of the tanakh the Gentile is a distant afterthought in God's mind.

    Fortunately for the gentile no flesh and blood have the power to "enforce" their interpretation of the tanakh.

  4. Isn't the singular Ben Noach as in 'What is a Ben Noach'? Bnei is plural :-)

  5. @Anon November 25, 2013 6:34 PM:

    No. You don't realize how good the Gentile has it as a ben/bat Noah. It is in no way a consolation prize, but a way to live in common decency without a whole lot of laws. If entire societies could live this way, the whole world would be a lot better off.

    As opposed to, say, this.

    Chinese eat human baby "for health reasons"...

    which I saw on another blog's commentary. These are clearly not starving people under siege or something similar; it's for their HEALTH! I have to warn readers not to click on it if they value what their eyes behold or have sensitive stomachs; the pictures are graphic, one of which you see immediately after the page loads.

    And what could Xians answer, considering that they have their flesh-and-blood-of-their-god ceremonies, and some even call it "transubstantiation" whereby the wafer or matza cracker and grape juice turn into the flesh and blood of their god? As it is, they have a hard time answering the fact that the Chinese eat dogs and cats, often boiling the latter alive (a huge violation of Noahide law).

    Between this and Arabs/Muslims bringing beheading people in public to the rest of the world, maybe we're getting a taste of what life was like back before the Great Flood, and why Noah had to separate himself from the rest?

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  6. this comment is from someone who does not totally understand the Jewish Way of Life...but very much desires to live THAT Way...

    The Jewish People were chosen above all other people... to do what? To show The Way... BACK to the Garden... to a Way of Life that HaShem requires of each of us. This Job is the most important Job on the planet earth... It is to be HaShem's Voice and HaShem's Director, so to speak... to the rest of the human race. The Jewish People have a MOST IMPORTANT Role to do... that has never been fulfilled, as of yet, but WILL be ... and when it IS done, the world will see what it is like to live with morals, being kind to one another, Honoring HaShem, living together in harmony with HaShem, mankind, and the world we live in.

    This is only from my perspective, but it appears to me, that it is HaShem's Idea of one of the roles for the Jewish People... according to Torah.


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