Tuesday, November 05, 2013

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View from Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem

Circumstances found me in Bayit Vegan, looking towards Hadassah and the hills of the Jerusalem Forest…

It’s big red public art and the Jerusalem Light Rail…

2013-11-01 Jerusalem Akiva 017

That’s Yad Vashem in the distance…

2013-11-01 Jerusalem Akiva 019

This is the end of the light rail line, with coordinating bus stations.

2013-11-01 Jerusalem Akiva 020

The forested hills were forested through the efforts of the Jewish National Fund, meaning the first generation of the trees you are seeing were all PLANTED by HAND – reforesting Jerusalem.

2013-11-01 Jerusalem Akiva 021

What a view!

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  1. Here The red sculpture was the last piece from Alexander Calder. It suppose to be be based on Yeshayahu (Isaiah) that "They shall beat their swords into plowshares"



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