Friday, November 08, 2013

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Raising Children as Jews and Something Else, #3

The New York Times decided the topic of Jewish mixed marriages should be the editorial focus of the week, with the Opinion title “Raising Children in Two Faiths”. What they really meant was “Raising Children as Jews and Something Else”.

Let’s take a look-see with a bit of fisking. Here’s letter #3…

To the Editor:

Children who are given a choice, as opposed to those of us who were force-fed, will invariably have stronger links to Judaism. Decisions that are made throughout life are best achieved through a variety of options — if we finally begin to view religion as an option.

LAURA (redacted), New York

- This person may view Judaism however they wish, but that doesn’t make it so.  That’s perhaps the sad part of this whole series, people struggling with trying to redefine Judaism into whatever works for their life choices.  Yet by nature community is defined by a set of common goals / beliefs / relationship.  Remove the common goals / beliefs / relationships and suddenly nothing is holding the “community” together.

And they wonder why it’s fades away.


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