Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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How to Double Your Money

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     From time to time, someone will give me some money at the Kotel to hand out to needy people. Although I almost always give a coin to everyone who asks, there are a few men there whom I really like to help. I prefer to give the “bigger” money to Jews who are not only needy, but who also work to help the community. For instance, there are a couple of guys at the tefillin stand who work very hard helping to bring Jews to Torah and Mitzvahs. They both have families, and receive as little as $8.50 to $10.00 an hour! It is really hard for them to make it through the week. So when someone hands me a few hundred shekels I like to give it to them.

     Last week I gave Yitzchak fifty shekels that someone had just given to me. A few minutes later he came over and told me, “This morning a poor guy asked me for tzedaka (charity). I took him to the food store and told him that I would pay for 25 shekels worth of any food that he wanted. He picked out what he wanted, and I paid the 25 shekels for it, and now you just gave me 50 shekels!” We both smiled as we saw Hashem’s kindness “repaying” Yitzchak for his kindness that morning.

     Now, stop and see how Hashem, wanting to “pay back” Yitzchak, “whispered” to that stranger to, “out of the blue” come over and give me 50 shekels tzedaka…, and then He “whispered” to me to give it to Yitzchak.

     Remember, when you are really close to someone, and you love him or her very much, you do not have to yell at them, you just whisper.


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