Saturday, November 09, 2013


Feeding our Children Bull….


Oh look, it’s a Menorah Tree for those Jews with Xmas envy. 

“It’s a menorah, see, but the arms holding each candle are encased in what appears to be the material of Christmas trees—onto which one can affix actual ornaments. Finally, us Jews really can have it all.”

‘You know you’re not supposed to do that, right?’  (tagline of Stephen Green, Vodkapundit)

Children are amazing hypocrisy detectors, particularly teenagers.  Feed them feces and they’ll turn around and throw it ALL in your face…

Then wonder about “declining affiliation”, “lack of commitment”, “lack of involvement with the community”.

Be a proud Jew.  Celebrate Chanukah together with your family, your synagogue and your community.  Buy a BIG menorah (or a small menorah or a silver menorah or a build a flame-torch menorah – whatever kind of menorah you like) and DO THE JEW-HOLIDAY.

Eat some fried foods in honor of the olive oil (the American tradition is latkes, potato pancakes, or go Israeli style and get some fried jelly donuts, or do both!) 

Give some gelt (chanukah money gifts) to your children and spouse, both the chocolate coins and real ones.  (Presents are for birthdays and other people’s holidays.)

Spin a dreidel!  Hey is Half the Pot, Nun is None, Shin (or Pey in Israel) you Pay, and Gimel you Get!

Sing some Chanukah songs, about the weak overcoming the strong and winning a war miraculously, and one day of oil burning for 8 days, miracles from G-d.

Then repeat for 8 nights!  (On Shabbos light before sundown on Friday and after nightfall on Saturday.)

Leave Xmas to the Christians, along with the American commercialization of holiday seasons.  Don’t worry, they’ve got it covered and you’re not missing out. 



  1. That picture is truly disgusting.

  2. LOVE the Second Picture, though!!!

  3. That pic is hysterical. Do 'green candles' go up in flames? :-)

    Even in the modern Frum velt, some are into the "Finally, us Jews really can have it all.” The array of kosher-available foreign foods/ingredients is astounding. One need not cook any more. And the Kosher Chassan & Kallah 'vacations' are questionable also.

  4. That 'Chanu-Mas Menorah' is an abomination. In England, I've also seen Xmas trees with a Star of David on top - ditto. Why should we try and embrace idolatry? With Judaism we already 'have it all'. Although Chanukah is regarded as a minor festival I've alweays considered the message to be one of the most vital. We HAVE to stand up for what we are and not assimilate into the surrounding goy culture. Involvement, yes - taking on their symbolism, NO.


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