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Everything Comes for a Reason

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     Not only does everything come for a reason, but “Everything you see comes to teach you something”.[1]

     A wonderful young man named Shimon came to Jerusalem from New York to learn for a few months before returning to work. He is really a special guy; loves learning, a professional in the financial world, nice looking, cheerful personality, a friendly, religious Jew.

     But Shimon has one major problem. He is in his early thirties and he is not married. Marriage is one of the main cornerstones of Judaism. If you are not married, you are incomplete (to say the least). So while he was here, I kept trying to motivate him to look in different places, to ask all of the rabbi’s wives to see if they knew anyone for him.   

     His last Shabbos here, his father came to Jerusalem for a very brief visit. His father (Shimon’s grandfather) recently passed away and was buried in Israel. Shimon’s father returned to arrange for his father’s burial stone.

     Shimon and his father came to our netz minyan (sunrise quorum) at the Kotel. I arranged for the father to have an aliyah (be called up to the Torah). It was a most unusual Shabbos in that our regular Kohen who is there every day was not there, and no one came to replace him. The rule is, if there is a Kohen present he receives the first aliyah, and then a Levi receives the second, with the rest of the aliyahs given to Israel.

     It turned out that Shimon’s father, who is an Israel, received the second aliyah. After the davening, we spoke. I told him that a Jew should always try to see if there is some special message his aliyah portion. The section of the Torah that you said the blessing on, and was read while you were standing there, is your aliyah, so it must have come to you for a good reason. This is true wherever we are, but even more so at the Kotel. Here, it is a lot easier to see that there are no accidents in the world…that everything comes for a reason.

     His aliyah portion spoke of Avraham arranging for Sarah’s burial, and then it went on to tell how he sent his servant to his birthplace to look for a wife for his son, Yitzchak.

     I asked Shimon’s father where he lived, and where he was born. He lives in Monsey, and was born in Brooklyn. I asked, “Do you have any distant relatives, or old friends still living in the neighborhood where you were born.” He said that he did. I told him, “You really have to go there to see if there is a nice, Jewish young lady there who is looking for Shimon.”

     He asked, “Why?”

     “It seems pretty obvious that this is the message in your receiving the Levi’s aliyah at the Kotel today.” He looked confused. I explained. “You came to Israel today to finish the arrangements for your father’s burial, and your aliyah told of Avraham arranging for Sarah’s burial. You have a son who really needs to be married, and your aliyah told of Avraham sending his servant to his birth place to find a wife for his son. It seems pretty obvious that Hashem was “talking” to you by having you receive that particular aliyah. It is not very often here that an Israel receives the Levi’s aliyah.”

     I wrote to him after Shabbos to make sure that he follows up on the “message.” Will it turn out to be fruitful? Will he find the right girl for Shimon? Stay tuned. I will send you good news as soon as I hear. Everything comes for a good reason.

[1] Chassidus of the Baal Shem Tov

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  1. What a Wonderful Happening!!! We will all pray HaShem send him his Beshert!!! AMEN!!


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