Wednesday, November 06, 2013

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“All the World Shall Bless Themselves By You”

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     In this week’s Torah portion, G-d blesses Yaakov saying, “And all the world shall bless themselves by you and by your offspring.”[1] Today, it is easy to see how this prophecy has come true. For instance, even though only one out of 516 people in the world is Jewish (less that 0.2%), approximately one out of four Nobel Prize winners is Jewish. The wonderful benefits of their work in such fields as medicine and science have spread throughout the entire world. There is barely a corner of the earth that Jewish science has not reached. Nor is there a field that Jews do not excel in, be it science, economics, literature, music, entertainment, sports….

      From these facts, those who hate Jews and boycott Israel should also be careful to boycott these medicines, procedures, economic benefits, music, and all that comes from Yaakov’s offspring’s work.

     Also, in that same blessing that G-d gave to Yaakov, G-d says, “The ground upon which you are lying (Israel), to you will I give it and to your descendants.”[2] We Jews did not choose the land of Israel to be our homeland, G-d did. And He is fulfilling His word today.

     While we are on the subject of world opinions, how is it that the United States Intelligence chief defends eavesdropping on friendly nations, announcing that all nations eavesdrop on each other? And it is well known that they spy on Israel.[3] Yet, America still refuses to release Pollard because he eavesdropped on American, Iraqi information for Israel. And at the same time, they insist that Israel release coldblooded, terrorist murders!

     It seems like the time has come for the world to change their opinions.

[1] Genesis 28:14

[2] Genesis 28:13



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