Monday, October 21, 2013

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Where Is G-d?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     When he first walked into the Kotel area I called over, “Hey, you look like the Sixties!” He smiled, “You know, they say ‘If you remember the Sixties, you really weren’t there.’” He laughed, and it softened him up to the idea of putting on tefillin.

     His name is Huba. He told me that it is a Hungarian name. He is from Colorado, and was visiting Israel with a group of older xians. I think he was a xians, too. He was 72 years old and had never put on tefillin before. I asked him, why? He told me that he used to live by a Chabad House, but he shrugged his shoulders, showing that he just wasn’t interested in such a thing.

     I gave the group my standard, xians idolatry lesson.

    “Is G-d in the heart of the Devil?”

     xians are taught to ask G-d to come into their hearts, so they always assume that G-d is surely not in such an evil place as the heart of the Devil.

     “No!” They all answered.

     “Whoever taught you that cheated you. They gave you a little god. They taught you that G-d is limited. G-d is not limited. He is infinite, everywhere at all times. King David wrote, ‘If I make my bed in Hell, G-d is there.’”

     They agreed that G-d is everywhere.

     “The real problem comes with the story of a Jew who was crucified 2,000 years ago. Did you ever hear that story?”

     “Yes, of course,” they all nodded.

     “When they buried him, and went to his grave on the third or fourth day, was he in the grave?”

    “No, he rose up to heaven. He was resurrected,” they proudly said.

    “Well, if he is not in the grave, then, he is not everywhere. Don’t worship him. Only worship the G-d who is everywhere, the Father, the King.”

     At this point xians usually go into mild shock, and say, “We got to go,” and then they back away.

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