Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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The Best Way

by Reb Gutman Locks


Raphael asked:  What would be the way to bring someone closer to the light?

Gutman answered: By finding it yourself.

To Explain:

     When you find the things that bring spiritual joy into your life, there is no question how to share these things with others. But if you feel burdened by the mitzvahs, then you will rightfully feel reluctant to share them with others.

     Obviously, we do the mitzvahs because we are commanded to do them. But, if this is our primary motivation when we are about to do a mitzvah, we will soon feel under great strain due to the obligation. But, when we see that the mitzvahs bring spiritual light into our lives, then, we will be eager to do them.

     If a woman feels pressed to get the house in order for Shabbos, and she sees that the time for lighting the Shabbos candles has arrived, she will feel the pressure. But, if she is one of the fortunate Jewish women who know that her lighting those candles ushers in peace, not only in her house, but that mystical Shabbos peace spreads out into the world, she is going to be smiling as she runs to get the candles ready. What is her motivation, obligation or spiritual light?

     If a Jewish man wears his tzitzis (fringes) because they are an obligation, most likely he will take them off when he goes to sleep at night. After all, there is no obligation to wear tzitzis at night. The command is to see them, and you cannot see them at night. And he is right. There is no obligation to wear tzitzis when you sleep.

      But, if he knows that putting on tzitzis, dresses him in the uniform of a loyal servant of the Holy King, he is going wear that garment even when he sleeps. Okay, so maybe he is not obligated to wear them at night, but he is allowed to wear them if he wants. This Jew will have an easier time sharing this mitzvah with others, than will the Jew who wears them only because he is obligated to wear them.

     Look for the light, the spiritual results that come when you do a mitzvah, and soon that light will overflow from you onto others. In fact, you will not be able to contain it.


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