Sunday, October 27, 2013


Sights from the Judean Desert

Drive two hours south of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and you find yourself in the Judean Desert.  Renowned for it’s awesome natural sights, it’s a frequent school trip – and one of my children was there last week…

The Judean desert is noted for it’s wadis, little cracks of canyons with water in the inhospitable desert.

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 038

Looking high we can see some “nesher”, which is a condor-vulture but usually translated to eagle in English.  It’s the highest flying bird in Israel.

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 0532013-10-24 Haviva Trip 042

Look at that smile, one very happy mountain gazelle…

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 044

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 046

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 048

The stark views are stunning…

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 091

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 108

And a natural spring and pool in the middle of the desert are what brings it all to life…

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 133

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 129

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 130

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 198

Because there’s a little bit of green and one place with water, one shouldn’t get the wrong impression.  This IS a desert…

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 265

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 266

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 299

More happy gazelle!  Not very afraid of humans.  Heck, the big ones are even hanging out by the bus parking lot!

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 310

2013-10-24 Haviva Trip 313

No Judean desert trip would be complete without the requisite camel ride.

2013-10-23 Haviva Trip 023

The Judean desert of Israel – NOT to be missed!  And just a few hours away!


  1. It is amazing how much Israel looks like other parts of the world!!! WOW!! Like we've seen this before!!

  2. Thank you, very beautiful.
    What is the stepped area with the guard rail please?

  3. Oh, that's so beautiful, breath-taking, but tell me, how did you get those people to stand upside down - in the 11th pic from the top? :-)

    Speaking of Condors, Here's a link to a Condor Cam in Big Sur, Calif:
    Israel's version are more attractive. I came across this as I was flying around online.


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