Wednesday, October 02, 2013

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Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of Hashem

By Reb Gutman Locks

Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of Hashem


    Why did Noah find Grace in G-d’s eyes? The next line tells explains, “Noah was a righteous man…Noah walked with G-d”


      This pretty much sums up the task of mankind. Be righteous, walk with G-d, and find grace in the eyes of our Creator. The details are really not that difficult…once you make up your mind that this is what you want for your life.


     For Noah and his children, there are seven major laws to guard:

No idolatry

No blasphemy

No murder

No adultery or other perverted sexual behavior

No stealing

No unjust courts

Do not eat meat if it was taken from the animal while the animal was still alive


     These laws were given to Noah and to his descendants, and to this day they are the backbone of righteous life for all mankind. Although for the Jew things get more complicated, for all of the other Nations of the world, anyone who keeps these seven laws will have a wonderful life in this world and a share in the World to Come. There can be no greater reward.


     Anyone can be righteous. Anyone can walk with G-d. And anyone can find grace in G-d’s eyes. This is why G-d recorded these laws in the Torah to make sure that they would be available to all mankind in every generation.


     To see someone who keeps these 7 laws look at:

A Light Unto the Nations 



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