Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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I Knew a Guy Like You would…

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Pirke Avot (Ethics of our Fathers) - Rabbi Shimon used to say: There are three crowns--the crown of the Torah, the crown of the priesthood, and the crown of kingship, but the crown of a good name surpasses them all.

mezuzah1exampleA fellow came to me in the office.  “Can you help me get some mezuzot?”  (Mezuzah is the mitzvah of “writing them upon your doorposts” – it’s a piece of parchment with appropriate biblical writing to fulfill this biblical requirement, rolled up and placed on the doorpost, usually covered with a decorative and protective case.)  I know a sofer (kosher Jewish scribe who writes mezuzahs and/or tefillin and/or Torah’s) and put him in touch.

But why did he come over to me?  “I knew a Chabad guy would know a good reliable kosher source for mezuzahs.”  A Chabad guy helps people with mitzvot, everybody knows that.

I spoke with a politician recently, he said he was getting overwhelmed and went to speak with Rav Arush, shlita (the Breslev Tzadik of Meah Shearim).  He (the politician) now wants to put together a pre-election rally of Chabad and Breslev and traditional sephari Jews.  Some would use religion to separate, some have a reputation for appreciating everyone and bringing people together.

Rav Ovadiah Yosef, zt”l, was involved in many aspects of the Torah world and Israel as a country.  Some focused on his way of speaking, a direct sephardi sharp tone, using it to say he was unpleasant or even medieval (G-d forbid).  Yet after Israel’s wars he solved a major religious problem of the wives of soldiers killed and not found, he founded and built a national private school network to educate the poor sephardim that other religious segments wouldn’t help as well as building health clinics and community services for that same poor and ignored segment.  Over 15% of Israeli’s came to his funeral, that’s 15% of the total population of the country – literally the very limit of the roads and transportation systems of Israel.

…the crown of a good name surpasses them all.


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