Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Empowering the Zealots always Bites You Back

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

The morning following municiple elections in Israel, one of the leading Torah scholars – the 99 year old rabbi - HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman, shlita, was physically assaulted in his home in Bnei Brak, Israel.

The assaulter is reported to be a 28 year old avreich (a full time learning Torah scholar) who learned or learns in Tifrach yeshiva, is the son of a rosh kollel in Modi’in Illit, and is married with children.

News reports state the avreich (younger learning Torah scholar) joined the morning minyan (prayer service) at the Rav’s home.  Following praying to G-d for an hour, the Rav started his normal Torah shiur (bible lesson).  In the midst of the lesson, the avreich got up, began yelling at Rav Shteinman to “change your hashkafa (your community positions) and return to the correct derech (the correct path)” and STRUCK the 99-year old senior rabbi shouting “I’ll kill you”.

One or more of the senior rabbi’s attendants intervened, and a teen or young man related to the rabbi is said to have passed out (perhaps he was also struck in attempting to subdue the attacker?)

What leads to such an action against the senior rabbi?  In recent elections there was a split amongst the ultra-orthodox religious political parties, with various senior rabbi’s either supporting the status quo or supporting the new divisions of power – allowing tighter focus on the parties servicing the goals of different sectors of the ultra-orthodox community.

As the parties struggled in their various local elections, sometimes against each other, strong words, sentiments, positions AND actions were thrown at their opponents and, in some cases, at each other.  The zealots were empowered and released, fighting a holy (election) war for political power.  Their actions were praised and declared holy.

So what actions violated religious principles, literal aveyrot m’dorasa, they were for a holy purpose – holy war of electoral and governmental resources!!!

Now lets see them turn it off, shove that cat back in the bag, close that can of worms.  Before it, G-d forbid, rebounds and a senior rabbi who’s opinion is on the other side from their personal lead rabbi is attacked or something.  You know, like lessons they’re taught from the Gemora about sinat chinam and the sikrikim of Jerusalem of old…

Oh snap.


  1. Maybe they should begin to lear Tanya ?

  2. I spoke to my Haredi friends yesterday and listened to the nightly radio news shows which covered this extensively. No cheshbon nefesh, and it was VERY important to stress that the avrech has psychological problems, as well as a press release from his family that attested to issues.

    Reb Akiva, the multiple earthquakes did not wake us up, the rabbis openly calling other rabbis amalek and bayit shel goyim, no matter how true these Freudian slips may have been, asst-minister Rav Dahan getting repeatedly verbally and physically abused with not one word mentioned against this, and now this getting swept under the carpet. Hashem yishmor aleinu.

  3. I wonder what he meant by “change your hashkafa (your community positions) and return to the correct derech (the correct path)”?

  4. And teaching Bochrim that THIS is honest and decent; and will instill in them the proper middos and outlook for a Torah life???

    What Rabbi condoned this? When are the Jews going to realize they are not still living in Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Hungary, etc. during the Middle Ages where they had to resort to all kinds of manipulations just to survive?


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