Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Beit Shemesh Post-Election Protest #2

Tonight the non-ultra-orthodox residents of Beit Shemesh held their second post-election protest. 

Their claims: Election irregularities as well as actual events found by the police changed the election results.

Their demand: That the election results not be certified, requiring a re-election.

The numbers of protestors were large, there were a small number of ultra-orthodox there as well, and interestingly the police and emergency services were staged (in case of emergency) – and all the emergency services personnel were also ultra-orthodox. 

Crowd sizes were estimated between 2,000 – 5,000.

2013-10-29 Beit Shemesh Protest 080

The crowd was a mix, young, old, lots of yalmukas, many clearly English speaking immigrants.  The sticker says “Don’t Give Up on Beit Shemesh”.

2013-10-29 Beit Shemesh Protest 077

The speakers and people on the podium are the non-ultra-orthodox politicians that were running for city council.  The man in the middle is the losing mayoral candidate.

2013-10-29 Beit Shemesh Protest 075

The crowd was large, but well behaved.  The local businesses were busy, the rally worked for them.

2013-10-29 Beit Shemesh Protest 070

2013-10-29 Beit Shemesh Protest 069

2013-10-29 Beit Shemesh Protest 065

People were carrying posters highlighting the highly inappropriate campaign materials…

2013-10-29 Beit Shemesh Protest 048

This one notes there’s already 700 proven illegal ballots, and the difference between the candidates was (either 600 or 900, depending on the source you read).

2013-10-29 Beit Shemesh Protest 047

It’s unclear where this is going, both locally, legally and with implications in Israeli national politics.  But one thing is clear – the mayor’s campaign created an attitude of anger, lies, threats and division – straight out lashon hara (evil speech) – and having opened that can of worms he now has one very angry city to try to run.


  1. Has hair loach for doing tshuva

  2. What are the chances that a recall could be achieved?
    Won't that be 'messy'? Has it ever happened before?
    Why is it that most demos are American/blk kippa (I do see the non-kippas too).

  3. 1 - The election has NOT been "certified" yet, so it would seem the chances are possible it could be declared invalid.

    2. Israel has a run-off election day (Nov. 21), so there is already a scheduled secondary election day.

    3. Because Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh is 25% American immigrants. And Americans expect things to be "fair".

  4. Akiva,

    AS an observant Jew, why do you choose to use the term "Ultra-Orthodox"? Even the term Orthodox is a pejorative and was designed to be used as such by the maskalim. It is a derogatory term and perpetuates negative stereotypes, an "us and them" mentality. I would expect better from you. Ultra? What is that? I'm very shomer Shabbos as opposed to just shomer shabbos?


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