Sunday, September 08, 2013

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Now, the Next Step Is…

by Reb Gutman @ Mystical Paths


     Dovid, the Russian Chabadnik at the Kotel tefillin stand brought this Russian tourist over to me. He did not speak any Hebrew, or English. He stood there smiling while Dovid told me that the tourist wanted to have a picture of us together.

     He saw my video, “Jews Should Marry Jews” (with Russian subtitles) and it changed his life. Because of the video he married a Jewish girl, had a kosher wedding, and even took his wife to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s gravesite in New York to pray.

     I told Dovid to tell him that now that he listened to be about marrying a Jewish girl he had to listen to me about the next step, too. He had to try to have at least 10 wonderful children. Dovid told him what I said and he answered that that was what he had prayed for at the Rebbe’s gravesite.

     It is an amazing world we live in that you can change someone’s life from so many thousands of miles away, and not even be able to speak the same language.


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