Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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In the Beginning…

by Reb Gutman Locks


     Until one hundred years ago, scientists firmly believed that the world had not been created. They insisted that it has always been here. They laughed at us, asking for some thread of proof that the Torah is correct when it claims that the world was created.

     One hundred years ago the scientists changed their minds. Now they agree that the universe was created. They say that the creation came about as the result of an amazing explosion. Their theory maintains that the universe expanded from a pebble sized origin, and expanded with incomprehensible speed to its astronomical scope.

     The Torah tells us that all creation was created (and is still being created) “something from nothing.” There was no preexisting mater that creation was created from. The word “earth” (land) in Hebrew comes from the root “to run” or “to rush.” An ancient midrash tells us that G-d began by creating one small rock, and it rushed to expand in order to fulfill His desire.[i]

     Most people believe that the Torah was written by man, and has been handed down from generation to generation, with its roots entirely in this physical world. If so, then who could have been there to see how the world was created? How did our ancestors who first received this book know that the Universe was created, and that it was formed out of a single small rock that expanded to become the Universe? No one could have been there to see what happened!

      Indeed the Torah has been handed down from father to son, from generation to generation, but its root is not from man. Here is, perhaps, the greatest proof that the Torah is true. There is no earthly way that our ancestors could have known these facts, unless they were told from Above.

[i] Bereishis Rabbah 5:7


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