Friday, September 27, 2013


Geopolitics and Geulah Musings

by Dov bar Leib (with additions by Reb Akiva in parens)

th (3)The leader of Iran was not ever Ahmadinejad nor is Rouhani the head guy now. (Though they are the “elected presidents” of Iran, the “election” is from candidates pre-selected and limited – with one candidate selected to win and another “hardliner” selected to loose.)  The head honcho (the leader of the council of mullahs – the religious dictatorship of Iran) is ALi KHaMeNei.

Notice his name. Pull out an AM-L-K, and one gets Amalek (the biblical attackers of the Hebrews in the desert, on their way to Israel). Pull out the HaM-N, and one gets Haman (the biblical story from Esther, the descendent of Amalek who tried to perform genocide against the Jewish people on Purim).

This is what they are scared about in K'far Shmaryahu (meaning the State of Israel’s political leadership), and now they have nowhere to turn but up (the world having seen the complete foreign policy failure of the United States on Syria – the U.S. is now considered a toothless aged tiger – leaving no where to turn but our Father in Heaven.)

The nation (the Jewish population of Israel) is now doing teshuvah.  U.S. president Obama is making a "deal" with the Persian (Iranian) mullahs to take the US off the hook for attacking Iran. Even in Kefar Shmaryahu they have to be wondering, is it worth selling out one's brother who lives 20 or 30 miles to his east (meaning giving “peace concessions” in the West Bank) if no Western power will stop Persia from getting The Bomb?

Because of basic self-interest and panic, they are doing a low level of teshuvah, but it WILL be enough. From the perspective of the nation, it matters not what is the final dispensation of the souls of the lowly, just that they think a little more about others than just themselves, even if it is for their existential survival.

(It’s a new year, and world geopolitics has changed almost literally overnight.  A year of geulah?  May it be so!)


  1. See Mishna Chagiga Perek 2 Mishna 1 with the commentary of R. Ovadia miBartenura and with the Rambam's Pirush Hamishnayot. Then come back and tell me how you even dare to calculate the ketz in this manner.

  2. 1. No one is talking about what "comes after" with regards to what is going on now. Zecharia 14 and the Yalkut Shimoni and the Talmud in Sanhedrin are simply coming alive. For instance there has never been a time in the history of the world where a consortium of nations has sought to divide a capital city of a people that it desires to conquer, expelling residents of that people from only half of the capital city. Yet, this is precisely what the nations of the world intend to do here over the next two years. The only real question is will they try to do this in 5774 or 5775. The curse to not mention the keitz applied to a time hundreds of years ago when we were far from the event called the Final Redemption, not to the time when the very words of our prophets about the End of Days are coming alive right before our very eyes. Blame Zecharia for getting his view of what the nations of the world would like to do to Yerushalayim at the End of Days for getting that parsha to be the Haftarah for the first day of Sukkot, and get back to me and tell me if his bones will disintegrate too. If we were meant to ignore it (as many do anyway because a lot of people simply ignore the Haftarah by sleeping right through it), then Zecharia 12 and 14 would have been neatly excised out of our Holy Scripture.

    We are obviously at the end of history, and the events as they transpire must be chronicled as they take place and new books of Tanakh are being written as the events unfold.


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