Wednesday, August 28, 2013


What’s Wrong with Mystical Unity?

by Reb Gutman Locks


     “Mystical” refers, at least in our conversations, to the spiritual, underlying, unseen truth. “Unity” brings to mind such nice concepts as, union, totality, and harmony. Then, what could possibly be wrong with Mystical Unity?

     “Mystical unity” is at best, a clumsy attempt to label the underlying, single nature of reality.

      Someone gave a class recently on G-d’s “absolute oneness” calling it, “The Revelation of Unity. (yichud)

     The Hebrew word yichud is most often translated either as “single” or “union.” There is a huge difference between these two concepts. Whereas “single” means lone, solo, distinct, etc; “union” means, unification, combination, joining together, etc.

     Now, which of these concepts applies to existence? Is all existence joined together forming one, or is all existence a simple, single, one? When we realize that the many objects in creation are actually one, have we unified the reality, or simply recognized its nature?

     Even more so do these same concepts apply when we are discussing Hashem. Hashem has many names, each referring to a different aspect, or way that we recognize G-d in the world. For instance, the root of G-d’s most holy Name (Yud kay vav kay) means to Exist, Elokim refers to G-d as the Creator, Shakai as All Sufficient, Kale as Might or Strength. There are many Names of G-d.

     Do these names, and or their functions, join together in a union? G-d forbid! G-d is One no matter how many ways we call Him, and no matter how many ways He chooses to make things happen in His creation.

     Creation too is a simple, single creation, with many colors, shapes and sizes within it. These many shapes and sizes do not come together combining to make the one creation. Those many shapes and sizes are merely distinctions within the one.

     When we see the colors of a rainbow, and want to see the light from which  they are being formed, do we unify the colors to come to the light? No. We try to see through the distinctions of color to the underlying single light that they are being formed of. To realize the underlying One we do not put everything together.

     The “mystical reality,” although it certainly is mystical, is not a union. It is the Only, and It’s nature is single.  


  1. You are correct in your assertion that the source of all is Singularity albeit before Singularity was No-Thing. Singularity is the first impulse of Creation- i.e. like the sudden thought arising in the mind whose origin cannot be perceived. This Singularity expresses itself as duality (hence the beit of creation) as duality enables one thing to behold another and subsequently gives rise to self-awareness. The concept of yichud (unity) is that ALL emanates from the Singularity and regardless of the dualistic illusion of subjective consciousness we are all one (everything is one) and cultural expressions and racial, religious and geographical distinctions are a superficial reality but not the true reality. We all emante from One and will return to One. Our lives are illusory and are not even for our own benefit.

  2. 1. Setenta es una cifra que sugiere la idea de algo completo.

    2. Existió una división de levitas en clanes I.quehatitas II.guersonitas III. meraritas, pero solo una es la tribu de Leví

    two sentences that I give you.
    but only one is the comment.


  3. 1. Setenta es una cifra que sugiere la idea de algo completo.

    2. Hubo una división de los levitas en clanes, pero solo una era la tribu de Leví.

    two sentences that I give you
    but only one is the comment



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