Monday, August 26, 2013

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Torah and YouTube

by Reb Gutman Locks

image003Gutman's YouTube Channel

     It used to be, to share the Torah’s teachings with many people, we would write a book and try to sell it (if we could.) If we sold 1,000 copies it would be a success. It is a different world now. Paper bound books do not sell so well these days. Instead, we make a short video, put it on YouTube, and if it is interesting it will soon reach over 100,000 computers spread out all over the world.

     Here are two letters I just received. The first one is from a Hindu man in India who saw Hinduism's Message to the Jewish People . The second conversation is with Jimmy, an American who saw Answers to a Pastor. See how powerful the truth is, if only we can get it to them.

The Hindu wrote:

if i wrote any book i just dedicates to you .i dont want to say thanks to you bcoz it is a simple word thats why i dont say ...with your message roots of hinduism totally changed my mind set. even vedas [the oldest Hindu religious writings] also states only one god why the people running towards these idols. Any way jews  are the light  to  the nations. Being a jew you to be proud regards


From the American viewer:

     Jimmy saw the video Answers to a Pastor . In the video I told the Pastor that the prophet Malachi said that when the Messiah comes G-d will send peace between the fathers and the son. There will be peace in the family. And in the so-called “new bible,” that man said that he did not come to bring peace in the family, but war!

Jimmy wrote:

     I read Malachi and it says nothing about the Messiah bringing peace between a father and son. It said he will turn the heart of fathers to their children. What does that mean?? Help Rabbi. Can you make more videos? I am christain but I don’t know (now) because you make some really good points…

My answer:

     When you turn your heart to someone you are showing them love. When you turn your heart away from someone you are turning away from them, showing them disfavor, hatred. The prophet said in the end days right before the Redemption, G-d is going to send the prophet to bring the children’s hearts to their fathers and their fathers’ hearts to them. This means that there will be peace between them. The “new” book quotes their man/god saying that he did not come to bring peace in the family, only war.

Jimmy answered:

    Sorry Rabbi for commenting so much on this video but I want to tell you that these past 2 days have been amazing. I have been reading and researching the Bible and have come to the conclusion that J--- [changed name] isn’t the messiah! I am now a true Noahide! I am also thinking of becoming a Jew (even if it’s not necessary for salvation) because I want to be pure and honor G-d, and to guard and spread the Word of the Torah. We will see where G-d leads me. Thank you Rabbi! Your love of G-d touched my heart! :)

My response:

    You made my day! Be sure to see the video, “A Light Unto the Nations - Noah and Abraham.” It will help you to live the life you have been looking for, a life of love and joy and helping others. You do not have to become a Jew to be pure. It all depends on our deeds. Hashem bless you with many opportunities to help many people learn the truth. Be well.

Jimmy’s reply:

     Amen to that! Thank you Rabbi :)


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