Tuesday, August 06, 2013

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Teshuva Breslev Style


The Breslev Institute, a publisher of the chassidus of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev and the modern leaders of his path, have published a wonderful Kuntres (a Torah pamphlet) on Teshuva (repetence), Elul (the Jewish month before Rosh Hashana), and the Minchagim (customs) of Breslev Chassidim for the month of Elul.

As a service to our readers, I’m hosting this PDF pamphlet for free download.  Get it here.  CLICK THE DOWN ARROW on the download page to download instantly.

From the publisher:  With Tisha B’av behind us we creep closer to Elul.  We are sharing this pdf document full of essays on the theme of Elul and teshuva.  This booklet was put together in English with the aim of inspiring us all to a more meaningful and inspiring Elul.

The booklet includes essays from some of todays leading Breslov mashpia's: Reb Yitzchok Myer Morgenstern, Reb Kivak, Reb Ozer Bergman, Reb Chaim Kramer, Reb Eleazer Kenig, Reb Shalom Arush, Reb Kluger, and more.

At the end of the booklet one can find "Breslover Minhagim for Elul" a fascinating collection of minhagim and their sources from Reb Dovid Sears.

May these words of encouragement and inspiration bring us, those we share them with and all of Klal Yisrael to a more inspiring Elul, a teshuva shleima and thus the binyon bais hamkidosh speedily in our days, amen.


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