Thursday, August 01, 2013


Smartphones & Torah, One Good Approach

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Yeshiva World News shared this picture of Satmar Chassidim…


Written in Yiddish it says “Filter Center”.  You’re seeing a group of Satmar chassidim, the essence of a Jewish charedi group, sitting with laptops installing internet filtering software on iPhones and Android phones.

No iPhone burning or smashing.  No ignoring the problem hoping it will go away, nor throwing people out of synagogue or their children out of religious school because they’ve found a smartphone provides value they appreciate or need for their business.

The primary difference between the response of THIS group of Satmar chassidim and the response of similar groups in Israel is… this group is located in New York.

Here’s the Israeli approach…



The sign reads:

Jews have Mercy!
Pray for my father,
that he will throw away his iPhone and Internet
and not break up our family!

Naturally one can assume such signs are coming about BECAUSE members of the community are using smartphones.

Which approach do you think will be more effective?


  1. Most effective is to not use the smartphone, even with filter.

    Haredim in the US are A) living in a foreign world B) which affects them much more than the 'primitive' Haredim in Israel.

    Many Haredim in the US are very aware of the American culture, as well as professional sports.

    Baruch Hashem, in Israel, the Haredim (including many Hardalim) are 'primitive'. Their kids are protected from the goyish culture and grow up innocent and healthy.

    I am not against technology, but certainly against 'must have' smartphone that is tearing up the social structure of the west. I saw my friend, a good Jewish boy, go from human to Whatsapp freak looking for apps and excuses to use his toy. It's incredible that the novelty does not wear off.

  2. Technology helps the blind to see (actually)
    Helps those who cannot stand up to be upright
    Helps those who cannot walk to walk
    Helps the blind to communicate and learn via a computer
    Helps a person unable to use their hands to paint
    And so much more
    May you never NEED technology!


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