Monday, August 12, 2013

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Show your Excitement

via Rabbi Lipsker at The Beis Midrash

thImagine seeing an exhibit of a 2,000-year-old sefer Torah while walking down the street with your child. If you continue walking without making mention of the display, your child will follow, having no idea what you just saw. But if you stop and explain to your children, sharing your excitement, it will be contagious, and your child will most likely run over to see the exhibit up close before you can finish talking!

Children are naturally inquisitive, and less apprehensive than adults. When they see something interesting, they immediately try to get close and touch it, even if it's not meant for them. Remember Moshe Rabeinu reaching for the shiny crown and the glowing coals? As long as the item looks interesting, or the child understands that it's exciting, he or she will be curious.

When our children see that we're excited about something, they usually follow suit. And, being children, they'll probably take their excitement a step further than we do. When we teach our children that Hashem is something good and dear, He's our friend and wants us to be His, they can and will absorb the concept and be motivated to act accordingly. We can talk about this idea at our supper table, Shabbos meals and bedtime. But most of all, our children will feed off our own excitement.

If we've been sitting on the fence for a while, now is the time to accept Hashem's friend request. And perhaps we can take a lesson from our own children, and lose some of our apprehension and inhibition when approaching Hashem.

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