Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Driving up Highway 6 towards Northern Israel, I encountered a full service synagogue located at the rest stop.  It’s a Chabad port-a-shul…  

2013-07-28 Chabad Highway Shul 001

Besides snacks and drinks, it has a full selection of sifrei kodesh for learning and davening, and is staffed by 2 bochrim for an instant chavrusa!

2013-07-28 Chabad Highway Shul 002

It also has a nice selection of Torah pamphlets and advertisements for tefillin, Shabbos and so forth – in Hebrew and Russian.

2013-07-28 Chabad Highway Shul 005

Perfect for the Israeli vacation season!  Stop, use the facilities, let the kids stretch and use the playground, and learn for a bit or catch Mincha!

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  1. Now bring one to the Shomron between Ofra and Shilo on Hwy 60 or on Hwy 60 between Shilo and Ariel.


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